Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Mar 1, 2019

Hackster Staff
8 months ago
Makerspace NFC Part Management System
Use NFC stickers to track electronic components with the use of a Particle Photon and a database back-end, along with a webpage interface.
Automatic Device Tester with Arduino
An automatic tester for a product Brian Lough sells called the Power Blough-R.
Hackster.io Adafruit PyPortal IoT Device
The Hackster.io Adafruit PyPortal IoT device is Python powered and uses the Hackster.io API to display likes of this project.
Pixel Art on OLED Display
Make your pixel art look delightfully retro using an OLED display.
Get Started with FPGA Programming on MATRIX Devices
Set up the Xilinx ISE Design Suite to compile FPGA code, and get started with Verilog programming on the SPARTAN-6 on MATRIX devices.
Integrating Alexa & Ultra96
Voice control using Alexa is popular for a number of applications. This project shows how to connect an Ultra96 (Arm and FPGA) with Alexa.
LoRa Messenger for Two Devices for Distances Up to 8km
Connect the project to your laptop or phone and then chat between the devices without internet or SMS using just LoRa.
Laptop Touchpad Conversion to USB
A Teensy 3.2 converts PS/2 from a laptop touchpad into USB mouse commands.
AWS IoT Core with Wireless Temperature Sensor Using MQTT
Put your things in the cloud! AWS IoT Core is an enterprise solution for your IoT application providing real-time analytics.
FPGA Camera System
Interface a CMOS camera with a ZYNQ-7000 series FPGA SoC and output live video feed to a VGA screen.
Vacuum Fluorescent Display Controller
A simple interface circuit to drive VFD displays. No fancy parts required, and runs on serial communication.
Installation that uses Wi-Fi routers to create sounds.
OXGROW: Smart Aquaponics System
An integrated cultivation of fish and plants. Cooperating a living ecosystem to help each other to grow based on NXP Rapid IoT.
ATtiny13 — PI Metal Detector
This experimental project shows how to build an ATtiny13 microcontroller based simple PI (Pulse Induction) metal detector.
1of! Platform for Developing ESP8266 Devices
A platform that can be used for ESP8266 development with a (solder-less) breadboard, an experimenter board or a “one of a kind” end product.
The Shining Movie Keyboard
What if an old IBM keyboard was converted with Arduino so it continuously types like Jack Nicholson in The Shining movie?
Bike Assistant
Weather monitoring system and emergency notifications based on NXP’s Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit.
Sampling Scope & Frequency Counter
6-channel digital sampling oscilloscope with built-in frequency counter, maximum sampling rate 47kHz.
Control Your Model Train Layout with a Keyboard
Now you can easily control your model railway layout using a keyboard!
Industry Grade Temperature Monitoring System
Building an industry grade temperature monitoring system which uses machine learning to detect any anomaly.
Skydiver Black Box — That’s My Alibi
A flight data recorder for skydivers. Get feedback on flying habits and increase your odds of finding your cutaway main canopy.
Smart and Private Open Source Sensor Station
The internet is full of tutorials on how to read digital and analog sensors, now it is time to do something useful with this data.
Add Vision to the AIY Voice Kit
This project uses the Google Vision API to describe things, identify logos, and read text aloud.
Smarten up your filer. Make filing a little funner!
Personal Vending Machine
A step by step guide to building a fully functioning, personal vending machine.
Simple Wi-Fi-Based IoT on micro:bit with XinaBox
Get started with Wi-Fi based IoT on your BBC micro:bit. Share two-way data with an IoT Platform using the simple XinaBox IoT starter kit.
Control a Robotic Arm with Zio
Learn how to control a robotic arm in this simple tutorial.
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