Hackster for Business

Hackster is the world’s fastest growing developer community for learning, programming, and building hardware.

Who are we?

Experienced IoT engineers and enthusiastic electronics makers come to Hackster to share new creations, solve old problems, and improve the world around them.

What can we do for you?

We're helping the industry connect with creators inventing tomorrow's technology.


Tap into our network of hundreds of thousands of engineers and makers to grow your audience, brand awareness and platform adoption.


Engage with our users through workshops, webinars and meetups so they can use your products, adopt your technology and share it forward.


Help users learn how your products work, what purpose they serve and why they can benefit tomorrow’s creations.


Gain insight into how the community reacts to your messaging, products, documentation, developer tools and market fit.

Partner with Hackster

Capturing the attention of engineers and makers is not a simple task and it's even harder to leave a lasting impression. Hackster’s end-to-end services enable you to easily engage, interact, and respond to your target audience.

Boost your brand’s awareness through our network of hundreds of thousands of innovators, and millions of monthly visitors across all of Hackster’s online properties.
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Engage developers and inspire innovation with a Hackster contest. There’s no better way to get your product in the hands of the right people.
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Bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds with Hackster events. Work with us to design and lead your product events around the world.
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Embed a seamless, dynamic project gallery within your own website. Consolidate all your projects and tools so that your community can stay inspired and keep on innovating.
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Increase your following, share products and announcements, and expand your influence on your own dedicated platform. Hackster Hub is a free service for all.
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Privately test and receive feedback on the technical readiness, usability, and market fit of your finished products, components, tools and other solutions.
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Crowdsource new ideas, breakthrough products, or improve existing designs. Our community of innovators can help you with fresh thinking and unbounded creativity.
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Deliver a highly structured educational curriculum over the web to a targeted audience, from hands-on labs to getting started classes.
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Collaborate with the best engineering minds to deliver scientific, technological and product breakthroughs focused on environmental issues.
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