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An ePaper C64 Emulator, an SNES-Style RetroPie Device, a Wireless Smart Switch + More

Hackster Staff
a year ago
ePaper C64
A C64 emulator on ePaper.
Control Two Relays with an SMS
Drive the relays of the MKR Relay Shield connected to a MKR GSM 1400 with an SMS.
SNES Style RetroPie Build with Raspberry Pi Zero W
Squeezing a Pi Zero W into an SNES cartridge form factor for portable retro gaming! Oh, and let’s throw some rainbows in there too…
CoolSWITCH — Wireless High Power Smart Switch
Designed for Industry 4.0, but suitable for smart home too. Features WiFi control, current measuring, PWM, soft start / stop and safety.
32-Band Audio Spectrum Visualizer Analyzer
This project is for making a 32-band audio (music) frequency spectrum analyzer / visualizer using Arduino.
Sony Spresense 120/240 Volt Power Supply Module
120/240V AC or 30V DC power supply module for the Sony Spresense Expansion Board. Plug and power your projects for real world.
Save a Child’s Life with Python, AWS & TwilioIoT
Create a TwilioIoT hotspot for sending a SMS using AWS Lambda & the AWS IoT button inside a car.
Wooden Tower Motion/Audio Sensor
Combine an accelerometer, an audio amp, a speaker, and one of the on-chip DACs on the LPC845 for audio-motion-enabled Jenga-type games.
Auto Lock Computer System
Combine Arduino Leonardo HID functionality with a distance sensor to improve computer security!
Nixie Display or Clock IN-14 Raspberry Pi HAT NCS314
IN-14 Nixie tubes clock Raspberry Pi HAT NCS314, remote, GPS, and temperature.
Environmental Sensing with LoRaWAN (TTN)
This is plug and play: particulate matter (PM2.5) and volatile organic compounds (VOC), plus air pressure, temp and humidity.
XR10 Open Source Drum Module
Build your own Eurorack drum module.
Getting Started with the Smartcar Platform
A versatile & easy to use vehicle platform for hobby-grade projects: You focus on application logic and the library takes care of the rest.
A Posture Detector Sending Bluetooth Data to a Cordova App
Prevent back pain by detecting bad posture and correct it immediately!
Open Source Automatic Transfer Switch
An open source automatic transfer switch based on the Infineon CoolMOS™ C7 MOSFET.
Running Embedded Lua on a Digilent Arty FPGA Board
This project combines eLua with an open source RISC-V CPU core to a powerful, self-hosted embedded platform for FPGAs.
Portable lighting station synchronized with music, with the Infineon CoolMOS C7 MOSFET.
Flat Panel Switchboards
Digitizing household mechanical switches with CoolMOS C7.
Raspberry Pi Quadruped
A four-legged robot imbued with the power of deep learning.
Check a Stepper Motor From the DVD-ROM
The older members among you can still remember DVD-ROM drives well: let’s take another look at the inner values of a paffdfdst technology.
Solid State Precharge
Solid state precharge CoolMOS solution for automotive HV battery.
Pi-Clock with Arduino
This clock uses the first 192 digits of Pi number to display the time in a 32 x 8 LED matrix in an original way.
Simple MQTT Message Board with Arduino Ethernet
Build a simple MQTT message board with Arduino Ethernet.
An Owl with Light up Eyes
To get my entry pass to our #Seeed10 Annual Party, I weaved out an owl that has two huge light up eyes as my Light up Project.
Automated Model Railway Layout with Passing Siding
A basic model train layout containing a passing siding with a train running around and stopping in an automated sequence.
Sens’it Window Opening | Temperature/Humidity Reports
A second project on how to use the Sens’it SDK to implement a feature to detect how long a window was open, and build a dashboard.
Cheapest and easiest Nixie clock in the world, the ONE TUBE.
Playing NFS By Hand Gesture Control
Hand gesture control using Arduino Leonardo and IR sensors.
Gas, Carbon Monoxide, Motion and Water Detection
Detect gas, carbon monoxide, motion and water leaks with this multipurpose project.
Night Lamp with Wireless Buttons and Motion Detector
Put smart LED strip to the lamp, under bed. Control intensity with a knob or wirelessly with push button or motion detector.
Stress Tester for Text UI Input Fields
The project is useful for stress testing text UI input fields. It generates characters at a controlled rate by emulating a keyboard.
Controlling an L9100 Motor Driver Board Using Arduino
This project shows you how to successfully control a robot arm using the L9110 motor board, without using up all your Arduino outputs.
Fridge Door Alarm with NXP Rapid IoT
Make a fridge door alarm that sounds a buzzer if you leave your fridge door open for more than 10 seconds.
Show BigClown Sensor Data at Raspberry Pi Sense HAT
This project shows how to display data from BigClown sensors on a Raspberry Pi Sense HAT.
Increase Efficiency of Your 5V Devices
The circuit increases the efficiency of any 5V device. Just connect your device through this device and go efficiently.
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