Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Sep 21, 2018

A House Wandering Robot, an IoT Car Platform, a PCB Speaker, an Industrial Line Follower + More

Hackster Staff
2 years ago
Nox is a nice (and time-consuming) robot which uses SLAM (ROS) with a Kinect to navigate in its environment.
MKR WiFi 1000 talks to a car through OBD-II interface, and uploads the data to IoT cloud for real-time monitoring and post-processing.
Easy Motion and Gesture Detection by PIR Sensor & Arduino
Use a PIR sensor and Arduino to detect the motion of a hand. This detection can be used to operate electronic equipment.
PCB Speaker
An open source speaker made from a PCB.
Alexa-Enabled Touchscreen “Tablet”
A Raspberry Pi-powered Alexa device with a screen.
Pick and Place Robot Arduino — Spinel Crux L2
Amazing pick and place robot using Arduino and robotic arm — awesome new cool looking robot that can pick, place and move objects around it!
Robot Arm Using Arduino Mega and ROS
Create a robotic arm which can perform pick and place itms using object recognition.
Portable Warehouse/Control Shed/Greenhouse Monitoring
A prototype for an Industrial IoT system to enhance warehouse/greenhouse monitoring using MKR GSM1400 and Hologram.
Eye Motion Tracking Using Infrared Sensor
Use an infrared sensor to sense eye movements and control an LED.
Bluz Wireless Temperature Sensor
Add that much needed remote temperature sensor wherever you want, no wall outlet required.
Bathroom Ventilator
Internet-connected bathroom ventilator triggered by room humidity.
Industrial Line Follower for Supplying Materials
Line following robot with RFID sensor for supplying materials and automating workflow — cheap and open source.
Blynk Meets Bluz
No Blynk libraries for Bluz? No problem!
Building a Sensor Network for an 18th Century Gristmill
Monitoring 100 year old factory processes are hard, but it gets easier, safer and more reliable with a network of nRF24L01 RF transmitters.
Screen-less, Google Fit-Connected Smart Scale
Build a scale from an old one you have laying around. It works with Android notifications and logs your weight to Google Fit.
Office Status Marquee
Let people see from outside your office when you’re on a video call or in a conference — or even on vacation.
Add distance and depth measurements regardless of lighting conditions to Donkey Car!
Teleoperated Robot for Sensing the Toxic Gases
Remotely operated ground vehicle for sensing the toxic gases which is helpful for firefighters and researchers.
Cake Decorating Robot
Use the DIY Universal CNC Machine v1.5 to decorate cakes using icing.
Wireless Doorbell Using Your Former One
Transduce the 12 VAC to a digital switch attached to your favorite HW platform.
Retro Game Station
Why buy an arcade cabinet when you can build one! Our love for retro games lead to this somewhat unusual Arcade Cabinet/Retro Game Station.
RCar | Robots for All!
A low-cost RC car and an Android app (free) that is able to control many of its features using a Bluetooth connection.
R2D2 toy shell brought to life using a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
DevBoy Modular System: Your Ideas Become a Reality
Amazing modular open source system for learning, development and gaming!
Breathing and Company Helper (BACH)
BACH allows users to control a robot with visual and auditory feedback through the Internet, while providing breathing info from a Walabot to the caregiver’s phone and serving as a companion in their house.
Paper Piano with Arduino
This project uses an Arduino, a drawn keyboard using lead pencil, a paper, and a speaker.
Automate Headless Raspberry Pi Streaming Radio with Arduino
Joystick and STM32duino controls RPi AIY board over serial console and Arduino decodes the MPC response to display song artist and title.
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