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A Mechanical Tulip, a DIY Exosuit, a Portable E Ink Dashboard, a Wireless Interface Hat, an Open Source VR Headset + More

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a year ago
Ever Blooming Mechanical Tulip
Mechanical tulip sculpture that blooms with just gentle touch and can shine into any color of a rainbow.
Exosuit for Differently Abled
This is a lower limb exoskeleton developed to aid patients with walking disabilities in their therapies and to perform simple tasks.
IoTink: Your Portable E-Paper Dashboard
Do you need to display and update information on a screen but can’t afford installing wires? IoTink can be deployed anywhere with WiFi!
Wireless Interface Hat (with Chirp.io)
Use this magical chirping hat to send coded audio messages to your devices — with a single touch!
Relativty is an open source project aimed to achieve VR democratization by the means of inexpensive hardware and abundant content.
WiFi Doorbell with ESP32 and DFPlayer
A doorbell that is triggered via WiFi by a remote microcontroller.
In-Plants — Plant Soil Monitor Powered by Particle Mesh
An IoT device used to check the humidity levels of your houseplants. Low powered, rechargeable, and powered by Particle’s Mesh devices.
USBerry Pi — USB Rasberry Pi Zero (W)
Step up your prototyping game with this awesome USB Raspberry Pi Zero (W). Program on the go like a PRO!
Accelerating Image Processing with Ultra96
Use a ZYNQ UltraScale+ to build a distributed camera vision system with image processing capabilities.
Making Cora Pynq
Xilinx Pynq framework allows us to combine Python and programmable logic. Let’s look at how we can create a Pynq Image for custom boards.
Room Monitor with AVR-IoT and Google Cloud
Measure activity levels in rooms using Microchip’s AVR-IoT development board and analyze the data through Google Cloud.
Open Ocean Buddy Locator
Keep track of your buddy’s location in the water without having to radio in and get their direction.
Control Up to 65,280 Relays with Your Arduino!
Use the IO Expander and Relay Expander with the Arduino to control up to 65,280 relays!
An LCD touchscreen you can mount into a standard North American work box in place of a light switch for home automation control.
NTSC/PAL Video Display Shield
An Arduino NTSC/PAL video display shield with integrated framebuffer and composite video output.
Dark Sky API Weather Dashboard
Use the Dark Sky API to build a local weather dashboard.
DogRobot: A Home C4ISR System
A C4ISR system using Ada, Sockets and Raspberry Pi.
Azure Sphere MT3620 Sending Data Through Sigfox Network
This tutorial show how to build an IoT device using Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit to send data through Sigfox Network.
Gardening / Agricultural Robot
A gardening / agricultural robot, which performs various gardening tasks using STM32F407 DISCO and programmed using Ada.
Pothole Finder
Spending $1,000 on suspension repairs because the city failed to fix the potholes? This project makes sure that never happens again.
Allows a user to play the orchestra via IoT technology.
ESP32 + MPU9250: 3D Orientation Visualisation
Visualizing MPU9250 3D orientation data on the web page hosted by ESP32. Using websockets and JSON to send orientation data.
Cellular IoT with DragonBoard 410c, Twilio SIM & USB Modem
Use a DragonBoard 410c running Linaro Debian OS and a Huawei E397 (Cricket) USB Modem to connect to the internet with the Twilio SIM.
POV Display Using Spresense
Make a full color POV display using Spresense and DotStar LED tape.
Freeformable Circuit
A freeformable IR remote-controlled LED circuit. An all-in-one applicable DIY light chaser with Arduino-controlled patterns.
Proof of Life: Authenticate Critical Arduino Actions with Ada
Use VBBMicro to add an extra layer of security to your Arduino app by proving mission critical actions in real-time, in-circuit, and in ADA.
Control Your Model Train Layout With Your Mobile Phone
A low-cost way of controlling a model train layout using a mobile phone through DTMF.
Use Temperature to Control an AC Device
A simple project that demonstrates the use of both high and low temperature modules to control a 120VAC device.
Smart Door Lock Using WiFi Login Page
Create a smart wireless door lock that can be unlocked by your smartphone. Only Arduino & ESP8266 is needed!
IoT Node with STM32F4 Discovery, MKR1000 and Azure IoT Hub
With A MKR1000, STM32F4 Discovery Board is used to send acceleration and other random telemetry data to Azure IoT Hub.
Use Android to Flash STM32 BigClown Modules
Now you can also flash pre-compiled firmware from any Android device with OTG USB support. All you need is STM32utils app from Martin Loren.
Voice Effects Controlled with Gesture Motions, Ada on STM32
Ada voice effects manager, featuring tasking, adc, dac, dma, interrupts, dsp effects and screen control as reusable components.
CableRobot — CaRo
CaRo is a cable robot that enables easy and cost-effective entry into programming and robotics.
ATtiny13 — PI Metal Detector
This experimental project shows how to build an ATtiny13 microcontroller based simple PI (Pulse Induction) metal detector.
AVR Blues: The Wireless Programmer
Wireless ISP programmer badge for AVR Freaks!
GreenHouse Monitoring System
Monitor your greenhouse by connecting sensors to a NodeMCU and sending data to Google Firebase. Android app takes data from Firebase and displays it.
Friendly, Modular and Open Source NeoPixel Breakout Board
This is a tiny (8mm x 10mm) breadboard-friendly breakout board for NeoPixel LEDs which can be stacked and soldered.
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