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A Pattern Unlock for Your Arduino, a DIY Smart Scale, a 3D Printer Watchdog, a Magic 8-Ball Debugging Tool + More

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2 years agoInternet of Things
Arduino — Web Pattern Unlock
It’s a security feature for Arduino. User is required to input the unlock pattern before remotely controlling/monitoring Arduino.
Sigfox kWh Meter
What if your old electric energy power meter with rotary disk could be connected to the Internet?
DIY Wi-Fi Smart Scale (with ESP8266, Adafruit.io, and IFTTT)
Design a smart bathroom scale, using 3D printing, an ESP8266, Arduino IDE, Adafruit.IO, and IFTTT app.
Smart City Asset Positioning With LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi
Bring together the latest IoT technologies to locate assets in the industrial IoT and smart city environments.
3D Printer Thermal Runaway Watchdog / Thermistor Tester
You should never leave your 3D printer unattended… but you do. This device will cut power to your printer when it senses thermal runaway.
Xtend: Natural Movement Mouse
Extend yourself into the virtual realm by converting natural hand movements (such as twisting and rotating) into your favorite apps.
Movement Sensor Portable Device Connected with LoRa to TTN
It is a portable device that sends a signal every time it moves. It uses the free LoRaWAN network that through TTN allows internet access.
Dialectic Ball: A Physical, Debugging Tool for Your Code
Need to debug your code? Got stuck? Stack Overflow doesn’t have the answer? Then ask the Dialectic Ball!
Particle Photon Nixie Clock
1960’s ИН-14 Soviet Nixie tubes meet the new age IoT with an onboard temperature and humidity sensor. All powered by USB!
Scanlime-in-Progress Indicator
Never miss your favorite YouTube channel going live with this Particle Photon-based indicator.
A Particle-Android powered wall socket for when your device is left charging at home and you want to switch it off or on from anywhere.
Arduino Wi-Fi Robot Control Using Mobile Phone
Make a Wi-Fi robot that can be controlled via mobile phone using Arduino.
The Little Universe, a Gesture-Controlled Floor Lamp
The Little Universe is a gesture-controlled floor lamp with three wooden legs and an artistic lamp head.
Hidden Door Lock for Smart Buildings
Unlock doors in a building by rotating a simple magnet!
Backpack Alarm
Using an Adafruit compass/accelerometer and an 80-decibel alarm, this project prevents thieves from stealing your backpack.
DevDuino LCD Image Generator
Did you just happen to buy a DevDuino, and don’t know how to generate an image for its LCD? If yes, then this is the blog for you.
Humidity and Temperature Monitoring System
A quick and easy system to monitor the humidity and temperature of your environment.
A Useful Remembrall
A useless device that glows red when you’ve forgotten something. But now it’s become useful by sending you notifications!
Flip&Click Board LED Control Using Zerynth App and Python
A simple tutorial to introduce you to the IoT world with Zerynth. Learn how to control Flip&Click board LEDs through your own smartphone.
MicroPython on ESP Using Jupyter
Let’s play with MicroPython on an ESP using Jupyter Notebook. Getting data from sensors and taking action in a physical world.
AWS — Arduino Weather Station
Very useful project made at school that provides accurate round-the-clock data for the environment.
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