Things used in this project

Hardware components:
R8326274 01
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Solar D772 Servo
Adafruit Ultimate GPS
SparkFun 9 DOF - MPU-9150
SparkFun Voltage Level Translator
Ardgen mega
Arduino Mega 2560 & Genuino Mega 2560
51gzz5eu9pl. sx425
Lynxmotion Aluminum Hexapod CH3-R Combo Kit Body Frame
Ball Bearing with flange
Microsoft XBox 360 Wireless Receiver
Microsoft XBox 360 Controller
Venom LiPo 2S 7.4V 5000mAh 25C battery
09873 01a
SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V
SparkFun Antenna GPS Embedded SMA
Pi 3 02
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
NS-HP : RTK Capable GPS
Adafruit FONA Mini cellular breakout
Software apps and online services:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
3D Printer (generic)


Hexapi hexapod C# inverse kinematics code
This is designed to be run as a background task on Windows 10 IOT for the Raspberry PI 2. Takes advantage of the Remote Arduino library / Firmata.


20160317 164520
Larry Watkins

C# Software Developer with a focus on hardware interaction


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