Sam Armanios
Created November 6, 2019

Pool Safety System

In pool humans and animals monitor with remote siren. up to 6 PIR to monitor the entire pool. Detect the present of humans and animals.

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Pool Safety System

Things used in this project


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Custom parts and enclosures

Plastic Housing

This is the Plastic I was planing to use for the sensor array and the MCU.

The MCU Board

MCU Board + Accelerometer + Kemet PIR sensor array

Kemet PIR sensor

This is the PIR sensor, Kemet used a fine pitch connector, I did not have the mating connector, and I couldn't solder wires to the connector directly, didn't have the right tools.


Pool Sensor Schematic

Pool Sensor BOM

Pool Sensor test circuit


Untitled file

I used Digi-key IOT studio for my code, couldn't figure out how to save the code to share it.
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