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Remote e-Paper Messages Panel

How to display messages on a remote screen? The project combines two technologies, e-paper screen and IoT, to solve this problem.

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Remote e-Paper Messages Panel

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Pervasive Displays Extension Kit Gen.3
EPD Extension Kit Generation 3 (EXT3 Kit) is a new extension board to connect with your product to kick-start low power display application with iTC driver type of EPDs. It provides 20 pins of bridging cable to any of your chosen development board or current design platform.
Pervasive Displays iTC 3.7″ black-white-red e-ink display
Particle Photon

Software apps and online services

Particle Build Web IDE
Particle Build Web IDE
SparkJson Library
ePaper EXT3 Basic Library
This library targets the Pervasive Displays EPD Extension Kit Gen 3 (EXT3) and the iTC screens BW or BWR with basic features including graphics routines, four extended fonts and full documentation.


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Cabling View

From attached Fritzing file

Fritzing file

Fritzing file with schematics, breadboard and PCB


Code for Particle

Code for Particle to receive and display messages

Code for Node-RED

Code for the GUI control to send messages


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