SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED
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How to merge different IoT devices and services? Node-RED provides an elegant solution.

Multi-Touch with CapTIvate
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Use CapTIvate technology for multi-touch with 64 pads!

GUI Implementation with Screen, Touch and SRAM
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This project is an example of implementation of a GUI with touch and SRAM for less than $35.

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 Rei Vilo hasn't replicated any projects yet.

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One Pixel Thermographic Camera
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TMP006 IR Temperature Sensor Project

  • SensorTag to Blynk Using Node-RED 13 days ago

    It looks like you have an issue with internet connection. Check the firewall if one is installed, and possible proxy. For Blynk, be sure to cop paste the auth token exactly. It worked for me, even with a Blynk local server, so it should work for you too.

  • Multi-Touch with CapTIvate 14 days ago

    Thank you for the link! I didn't know about this project. Do you plan porting it to Energia?

  • Weather and Security Station with Blynk about 2 months ago

    Support for the CC3200 is now included in the mainstream distribution of Blynk. Thank you for noticing me.

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