Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week May 25, 2018

A Pair of Electronic Cat Ears, an AI Robot Owl, a Lane Detection System + More

Hackster Staff
2 years ago
Light Up Kitty Ears!
This 3D-printed headset comes with custom cat-ear PCBs, created in Autodesk EAGLE and printed at OSHPark!
Archimedes: The AI Robot Owl
A wearable robotic owl familiar. Archimedes judges your emotions, via Google AIY.
PiGI — Raspberry Pi Geiger Counter
PiGI is an open-source, plug-and-play mod for the RPi to transform it into a cheap and hackable IoT geiger counter.
Simple Lane Detection
Build your own lane detection system in OpenCV using Python.
Announce Who Is Home Using Facial Recognition
Perform facial recognition on a doorbell camera and announce who is home over text-to-speech. All data capture and processing is local.
Auto-Away Assist for Nest Thermostat
Let Nest know when you are in another room to assist Auto-Away using motion sensors, Particle.io, and Azure!
Art Deco FM Radio Project Using Arduino
An Arduino FM Radio with a 3D-printed Art Deco style enclosure!
Dual Axial Flux Generator & Wind Turbine
A highly efficient and compact generator that can be coupled with wind turbines or water wheels to produce upwards of 50V.
Building Automation with Open Source Components
Home automation based on Wago PLC, OpenHAB, MySensors, MQTT, Node. js, Grafana, InfluxDB, RFXCOM, and more.
nanoFramework — Easily Settable Analog Clock Using a Stepper
This little clock is driven by a stepper motor which switches every minute, programmed in C# (. net) using nanoFramework.
IoT Camera Mover for Less Than $35
Build a machine that can move a camera perfectly using the power of a webpage and even the Google Assistant with Particle.
Arduino MKR DIN Rail Mount
Simple enclosure and breadboard to mount Arduino MKR boards in a cabinet for prototyping.
Send Data to Ubidots Using Raspberry Pi and NodeRED
Struggling to get data from your Raspberry Pi to your cloud account? Fear not for the solutions to your problems lie within.
Arduino Powered Humanoid Robot Controlled with The Tactigon
Move your hands and control this Arduino powered robot using The Tactigon inside T-Skin hand band!
Know When a Bear Is Coming
Up to five ESP8266 PIR equipped sensors report events to the ESP server with touch interface color display.
Matrix Orbital EVE2 TFT, Servo and an AMS Magnetic Sensor
A Matrix Orbital EVE2 3.5" EVE2 TFT, a servo and an AMS Magnetic Sensor Dev kit to show an on-screen 270-degree gauge with 3D-printed knob.
Circuito Arduino Controller Pad
A DIY controlling pad that works as a supplementary project that can control any Arduino device.
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