Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Jan 26, 2018

A DIY VR Headset, a Star Trek-Like Badge, a NeoPixel Lightsaber, a Mining Rig Monitor + More

Hackster Staff
2 years agoInternet of Things
Relativ — Build Your Own VR Headset for $100
An open source VR headset that you can build yourself for $100.
The PiBadge
Device inspired by the Combadge from Star Trek that can turn on computers using speech commands.
NeoPixel Lightsabers w/ Party Modes — Arduino-Controlled
Two NeoPixel sabers controlled by Arduino, with plumbing part hilts that look nice, and animated party modes.
Ternary Chord Keyboard
The keyboard consists of 8 switches designed pushed or pulled from a center off position, one per finger.
Crypto Miner
Monitor your crypto mining hardware temperatures and hash rates with the ability to restart the rig remotely as well as Alexa integration.
80 * 80 Interactive Wall
An interactive wall that helps senior people to stand up and exercise more.
Bluetooth LE IoT Gateway
Enable a Bluetooth LE IoT network with cloud control using Hologram Nova, Raspberry Pi Zero W and Droplit.io services and software.
TFS Build Status
A Pi Zero W with a LED pHAT showing the status of the last 8 builds from Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services.
Is Mom Okay?
A project that allows you to check on the status of an aging friend or family member which respects their privacy.
Syma S107G Remote Control Helicopter with an Arduino
How to hack a Syma S107G toy helicopter and control it via infrared using Arduino.
Build a $5 Connected Device
This tutorial will teach you how to turn any WiFi-enabled SoC into a fully functional device.
Indoor IoT Location Tracking Using the TrackALL and Sigfox
Using WiFi location on the TrackALL device, we’ll plot our indoor locations on a Power BI map after sending data to MS Azure IoT Hub!
Zelda Treasure Chest (With Lights and Sound)
This chest is made out of 3D printed parts and painted popsicle sticks. It’s using an ATtiny85 to play the iconic melody when it’s opened.
Alexa Based Smart Home Monitoring
Control your household devices and get alerts about home no matter wherever you are!
StellarNet Real-Time Cellular-Wireless Spectrometer
We are sending commands and receiving real-time UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopic data from a linear pixel array spectrometer over Cellular-WiFi
NO Fuss Micro:bit Temperature Monitor
Using the Micro:bit & xCHIPs assembly of this temperature monitor is effortless. Coding is a piece of cake with the blocks software too!
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