Hackster’s Handpicked Projects of the Week Aug 10, 2018

Hackster Staff
a year ago
Arduino Atari Adaptor
Being able to play Atari games like they were meant to be played in the ’80s is really hard today, but possible with the help of an Arduino.
Flight Simulator Custom Controls
DIY custom flight simulator panels that allow a player to control their planes with a nice compact desktop panel.
AWS IoT Buttons: Fresh Cloud Coffee
An AWS IoT Buttons project for reporting defective coffee machines by sending push notifications to an Android app.
MATRIX Creator TV Remote
Utilize the IR sensor and IR emitter on your MATRIX Creator with pigpio to create a programmable TV remote.
Arduino Controlled Smart Hydroponic Modular System
A student-built portable system to cultivate regional plants during the year.
Mini Gaming Wheel with Gas / Brake Pedals
Find out just how good of a racer you are with a mini steering wheel, and finger operated gas and brake pedals!
TableTennis Drone
Play table tennis using a drone!
Temperature Controlled Exhaust Fan
Control at what temperature a ventilation fan should automatically come on.
Arduino Hot Wheels Speed Track
An Arduino and Bluetooth-based Hot Wheels finish line timer to record cars’ speed and determine the winner of each heat.
Oil-Cooled Raspberry Pi
An experiment to see if the Pi can be oil-cooled and how effective it is in the summer heat.
Hacker Detector
A small device that uses the MAX32620FTHR to detect hackers over a WiFi network.
Pogo Pin Programmer for the HCC Module
If you are designing a small board and you’re looking for a way to program it without taking up a lot of space, try making a pogo pin jig!
Lightpipe 7-Segment Display
What do you get when you cross light-up shoelaces, some NeoPixels, and a 3D-printed mount? A pretty cool display!
Battery Monitor on an Automotive Relay Form Factor
This project covers a battery monitor on an automotive relay form to check the voltage of any vehicle and set alarms at different levels.
4,661 NeoPixel WS2812B Ceiling LED with RPi and 10 Fadecandy
Customized ceiling screen, capable of playing videos, color picker, and color temperature using Raspberry Pi and a web-based GUI.
LitterBug — Autonomous Trash Rover
Self-driving rover using computer vision and deep learning to identify and clean up small pieces of trash.
KITE Shield
ESP8266 to XBee — an open hardware Arduino shield that allows you to use any two wireless modules at the same time!
Windows Wrist Watch 2.0
A wrist watch that can (kind of) run 3 versions of Windows using the new HyperPixel 4.0 and a Pi 3B+ with voice control!
Obstacle Avoidance Game with Distance Sensor
Obstacle avoidance game like Flappy Bird. Move your hand to avoid the collision. It is easy to make and fun to play!
Indoor Weather Monitoring with a Zynq FPGA
Use a 1.8-inch TFT display to monitor surrounding humidity and temperature with a Zynq FPGA.
Generating Audio with an Arduino and a Resistor Ladder DAC
Explore other methods of generating sound waves with Arduino.
Build Your Own Security System Using Android Things
Send an event to Wia using Android Things.
Pollution Monitor Using Netduino 3 WiFi
Connection monitor to measure particles suspended in the air and then add more sensors.
IoThermo Caps
Measuring temperature in jam production to evaluate the process of killing the germs.
Octopod: Smart IoT Home Automation Project
A uniquely shaped full home automation system that allows you to monitor your home and enhance security with AI and smart RFID locks.
Textile-Based Capacitive Sensor Control of Parrot AR Drone
Interface a capacitive sensor with a computer, then use it to control a Parrot AR drone.
Netduino for Posture Correction
Create an electronic system which will help individuals improve their posture and balance. The Netduino 3
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