Gowin Launches GW1NRF QFN-Packaged FPGA, ARC Processor, and Bluetooth 5.0 Part

GW1NRF includes 4.6k LUT FPGA with 180kb SRAM, a 32-bit ARC microprocessor, Bluetooth radio, and power management down to 5nA.

Gareth Halfacree
3 months ago β€’ Hardware 101

Gowin Semiconductor has announced the launch of what it claims is the first field-programmable gate array (FPGA) part to include an integrated Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (BLE) radio on-board: the GW1NRF.

Best known for its low-cost FPGA parts, which most recently found their way into powering Sipeed's Tang Nano development board, Gowin's latest creation aims to provide a single part which can handle both compute and communications by combining a 4.6k look-up table (LUT) FPGA with 180kb of block static RAM (SRAM), a 32-bit low-power Synopsys ARC processor, and a Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy radio in a single package measuring just 6x6mm (around 0.24x0.24").

"The market is requiring easily deployed connectivity for edge computing," claims Scott Casper, Gowin Semiconductor's director of sales for the Americas. "Once again, Gowin is leading the response with our first RF solution. With this new device, embedded designers can wirelessly connect IoT devices to cloud gateways or other handheld devices via Bluetooth LE. In addition, deployed FPGAs can be programmed in the field through the Bluetooth LE connection, allowing system upgrades without the need for major maintenance expenses."

The part includes input-output capabilities for sensors, audio, camera, and display interfaces, as well as the FPGA resources required to run soft-core processors and accelerators alongside the embedded ARC core. A power management unit is also featured, which includes a full-chip-disable mode while drawing only 5nA of power for the chip itself.

Gowin is to host a webinar revealing more about the part on the 12th of December at 0700 and 1100 PST. Registration is available on the company's website. The product page, meanwhile, includes a block diagram and data sheets for the new part.

Gareth Halfacree
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