Created December 6, 2018

Multimedia system with artificial intelligence

Self-learning system for the selection of musical compositions for listening, which would analyze the emotions of a person


Things used in this project

Hardware components

Thundercomm AI Kit
ThunderSoft Thundercomm AI Kit

Software apps and online services

MobileNet SSD
Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for AI v1.21.0
Android Studio
Android Studio
ThunderSoft Face SDK
ThunderSoft Object Dectetion SDK


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Eyes and mouth detection

Plain text
INPUT: Test image samples images (I) = {I1, I2, …,I n }
OUTPUT: Detected eyes and mouth
Step 1: Input the samples images  
     (I) = { I1, I2, …, I n  }  
Step 2: Read the image and store to the frame  
      F = { I1, I2, …, I n  }  
Step 3: Read the contents of the xml file for face detection 
and store in the memory  
      R = face.xml  //read face.xml, it stores in OpenCV lib.   
Step 4:  
   i= {1,2,3,…,n} 
   fi ={f1, f2,…f n } 
   START loop  
       F 0  = 1 
       i = 0  
   While F i  > F(target) and i < n(Stages)  
          i = i + 1  
          Train classifier for stage(i)  
               Initialize weights  
               Normalize weights  
               Pick the (next) best weak classifier  
               Update weights  
               Evaluate F i 
               if F i  > f  
                     go to Normalize Weights  
               Combine weak classifiers to form the strong  
               classifier stage 
               compute F i  
Step 6: End of the algorithm  

eyes and mouth edge

Plain text
INPUT: Detected image(I)
OUTPUT: Edged image(I)
         C is that point the image in the frame 
         S is that sotre the image 
         X=0, C = 0, S=0  
Step 1: Read the detected image from the system memory  
        R = Detected image(I)  
Step 2: Detect in the image  
    START loop  
        For X = 1 to n 
            Read each pixel in I n   
            Point the image in the frame  
               C = Sobel (I n ) // import sobel function in OpenCV 
               Store the image in the system directory  
                         S = Store(C)  // import store function in  
                                               // OpenCV lib 
      End of For loop  
Step 3: End of the algorithm 2 




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