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Teddy Bear - Adventure Game (Cave Master)

You choose your destiny in a choose your own adventure style game told by a Teddy Bear. Can you reach the end of the cave?

IntermediateFull instructions provided10 hours748

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 should work too
AYL Portable Mini Capsule Speaker System
Kinobo - USB 2.0 Mini Microphone
Teddy Bear

Software apps and online services

AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda
Alexa Voice Service
Amazon Alexa Alexa Voice Service
Alexa Skills Kit
Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills Kit
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure


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Cave Master Teddy Bear Schematics



Alexa skill code in JS and python code to access Alexa web service on the raspberry pi



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