Alex Glow
Created August 3, 2018

PiPFS: Portable Pi Printer Console

Connect to the Interplanetary File System and print documents on-the-go with this spaceworthy console!

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PiPFS: Portable Pi Printer Console

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Any modern flavor of Pi should do, but I wanted to be able to yank the internet dongle out to protect this thing at Defcon.
Adafruit Mini Thermal Receipt Printer Starter Pack
Camera Module
Raspberry Pi Camera Module
Arcade buttons
LEGO bricks (generic)

Software apps and online services

Online 3D modeling tool


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Custom parts and enclosures

Custom LEGO: 1/8" Acrylic Slot

Holds a piece of 1/8" acrylic in place. Like a standard 2x4 brick.

Custom LEGO: Arcade Button

Holds a standard-sized arcade button. Like four 2x4 bricks stacked on top of each other.

Custom LEGO: Guitar strap holder

A "button" sticking out of a standard 2x4 brick. Holds a guitar strap in place.


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