Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Pi 3 02
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Dry Food Dispenser (I used a refurbished one I found online)
Camera (generic)
Servo (generic)
Needs to be a continuous rotation servo
SunFounder Ultrasonic Module Distance Sensor SF-SR02
2 gallon bucket
5 in. x 4 in. DWV Flexible PVC Coupling
2 in. x 2 in. PVC DWV 90-Degree Mechanical Flexible Elbow
11026 02
Jumper wires (generic)
Wooden 2.5 in wide plank
Software apps and online services:
Dp image kit 02
Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills Kit
Ha 2up iot
Amazon Web Services AWS IoT
Screen%20shot%202015 07 20%20at%206.10.26%20pm
Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda
Screen%20shot%202015 07 20%20at%206.11.48%20pm
Amazon Web Services AWS DynamoDB
Rm web services amazon s3
Amazon Web Services AWS S3
Simpleicon sns
Amazon Web Services AWS SNS
Amazon Dash Replenishment
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
xacto knife
spray paint


Schematic for Raspberry Pi wiring
Catfeeder bb nc36xbra1f
VUI Diagrams
Slide3 2euxlexroy



Dear world ncjofmxcr5
Darian Johnson

Technologist. Music lover. Fitness enthusiast. Movie buff. Fan of sci-fi and comic books.



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