Automated Cat Feeder with Alexa and Amazon Dash
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Use Alexa to control your Raspberry Pi Powered Cat Feeder. The cat feeder can also re-order cat food using Amazon DRS.

Using Login With Amazon to enable Dash Replenishment
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Quick and dirty example of using LWA to get refresh and access tokens for Dash Replenisment

Virtual Librarian
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Virtual Librarian is an Alexa skill that provides reading recommendations based on bestseller lists, award nominations, and user reviews.

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 Darian Johnson hasn't replicated any projects yet.

Rocky Rover: Robotic Vision System PixyCam & Arduino 101
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Using PixyCam and Intel Arduino 101 to drive this rover. Easy Robotic Vision system using PixyCam, rover reacts to the ball using Pan/Tilt.

IoT Smart Desk Drawer with Amazon DRS
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Never run out of office supplies again. PostIt notes, stamps, paperclips, tape and paper replenished from the cloud.

Spoonacular Food Utilities
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Spoonacular helps you to manage your food from meal plan to shopping list to cooking.

  • Automated Cat Feeder with Alexa and Amazon Dash 14 days ago


  • Using Login With Amazon to enable Dash Replenishment 26 days ago

    I don't know if there is a "best" architecture for making the DRS API calls. In theory, your smart device can make the calls, as it (a) will have wifi/internet access and (b) will be connected to the sensors and will know when reordering needs to happen. You'll just need to get the refresh_token to your device from the web server. You could manually update the refresh token on the smart device in a text file (not a great long-term solution, but gets the job done), or you can build some sort of API on the device that is called when the refresh token is obtained on the web server.

    I am actually going a different route. My solution will be managed within AWS. The smart device will send a status to an AWS function (via AWS IoT to an AWS Lambda Function) which will trigger reordering, etc. I designed the solution that way because I am encouraging others to build similar devices, and did not want to burden them with the DRS setup.

    So, at the end of the day, you're probably ok with the logic on the device, or in a centralized location (like your web server).

  • Using Login With Amazon to enable Dash Replenishment about 1 month ago

    That is correct; I am not passing a code_verifier. I am passing a "state" variable - which in my example is the same as my serial number (my serial number is a UUID).

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