Things used in this project

Hardware components:
A000066 iso both
Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO
Servo (generic)
Futaba servo S3003
Adafruit industries ada1536 image
51gzz5eu9pl. sx425
Ultrasonic Sensor - HC-SR04 (Generic)
Openbuilds socket head screws m3
OpenBuilds Socket Head Screws M3 (25 Pack)
OpenBuilds Nut Block for 8mm Metric Acme Lead Screw
12702 01
SparkFun Solder-able Breadboard - Mini
826 04
Male/Female Jumper Wires
12002 04
Breadboard (generic)
09590 01
LED (generic)
 dsc1102 900x600
DFRobot Romeo BLE - Arduino Robot Control Board with Bluetooth 4.0
as an option to replace the Arduino UNO and breadboard
Otto DIY Otto maker kit
Software apps and online services:
Ide web
Arduino IDE
Ide web
Arduino Web Editor
Cloud 01
Arduino Cloud
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
3D Printer (generic)
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Openbuilds allen wrench
OpenBuilds Allen Wrench

Custom parts and enclosures


Tito Schematic



Yo2 r1nyp5pmbe
Camilo Parra Palacio
4 projects • 67 followers
creator and Founder of Otto DIY, a project that follows his passion for robotics, toys, open source hardware and his dream to be a Maker Pro
Thanks to Zowi.


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