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Otto DIY +
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Otto DIY with steroids.

Otto DIY +

Team Otto builders

Tito - Arduino UNO 3D-printed robot
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Tito is a Bi-ped, dancing DIY robot, derivative from Zowi and Bob. Basically has been adapted to a standard Arduino UNO board.

Otto - build your own robot in two hours!
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An interactive robot that anyone can make! Otto walks, dances, makes sounds and avoids obstacles.

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 Camilo Parra Palacio hasn't replicated any projects yet.

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Work in progress

ROI is a mid-size humanoid robot built to take input from user in various ways analogue to how we humans learn and follow instructions.

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A voice controlled, arduino101 based mobile robot

3D printed Lunar Phase Clock
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Build a 3D printed Lunar Phase Clock for your desk or nightstand.

  • Otto DIY + about 1 month ago

    Great ideas! touch sensors; we were thinking something similar like little robot friends. I love the superman sound when lifting maybe can be simplified with a vibration sensor

  • Otto - build your own robot in two hours! about 1 month ago

    We think would be good to separate into 2 main programs:

    1. Simplest version Otto dances, sing (buzzer) and gestures functions with US mode.
    2. BT version with the modes but no led matrix


  • Otto DIY + about 1 month ago

    Hi Gustavo
    Yes somehow broke the link but i put it in the description so far is same as Otto DIY will update to PLUS once increase the height for the metal MG90 servos

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