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Automatic smart devices(geyser, ac) enabled in home using distance calculated by user using GPS from outside.

By E8fbdd56ac54160bae678b80ff0f17cf Lakshmipathi

User before reaching the home gps will calculate the time based on that geyser will turn on so, geyser will provide hot water when user is reached the home,After the geyser will turn off ac will turn on to set proper temperature to the respected it will reduce the burden on user in Smart Home.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:59 AM.
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Patient health monitoring system

By 915ae3472964fb806bc1e9c856864e9e manisha kumari

In the patient monitoring system, the real-time parameters of patient’s health are sent to cloud using Internet connectivity. 

These parameters are sent to a remote Internet location so that user can view these details from anywhere in the world.

The details of the patient health can be seen by many users. The reason behind this is that the data needs to be monitored by visiting a website or URL. Whereas, in GSM-based patient monitoring, the health parameters are sent using GSM via SMS.

In the case of emergency, GPS module will find out the position or the location of the patient using the longitude and latitude received. Then it will send this location to the cloud. Then doctors can find out the position of the patient in case they have to take some preventive action.


1) The senior citizen, the elderly person living alone or living with 1 or 2 members. This is helpful when family members need to go out for some emergency work.

2) Disable patients who find it really difficult to go to doctors on daily basis or for those patients who need continuous monitoring from the doctor.


The advantage of this project

1) When we need to monitor & record and keep track of changes in the health parameters of the patient over the period of time. So health monitoring system, we can have the database of these changes in the health parameters. Doctors can take the reference of these changes or the history of the patient while suggesting the treatment or the medicines to the patient.

2) Hospital visits for a normal routine check-up are minimized.

3) Patient health parameter data is stored in the cloud. So it is more beneficial than maintaining the records on printed papers kept in the files. Or even the digital records which are kept in a particular computer or laptop or memory device like the pen- drive. Because there are chances that these devices can get corrupt and data might be lost. In case of IOT, the cloud storage is more reliable and minimal chances of data loss.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:53 AM.
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IoT based Daily Activity Scheduler.

By 0ea27f3e9f363bd4c89168fb6443ab84 Chandana C A

When you have a huge list on your 'Things to Do' , what if there was an IoT based system  to ease the hassle .

What if there was an IoT based system to automate all of your scheduling and notify your pending list of work .


For example , say your day planner has the following 'To Do' list : To practice your violin, prepare poster for an upcoming event, order some stationary online and track it and so on .So to achieve this ,we'll  need an IoT system that can assign priority ,use actuators to push the violin onto your work table , display/notify status of the poster making and even show the tracking of the order placed on the monitor of your work table .

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:45 AM.
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Industrial Management System

By A5c8ebdecd7d974dc68c9f7718aebff4 Albin Sebastian

This is a project where an authorized person can control the types of equipment in an industry using a mobile application from anywhere.

Controlling devices and constantly monitoring various devices is important in industrial areas. This project helps you to control the devices from your desktop or mobile based application. This will help in constantly monitoring the sensors, check the status of the device and send alert messages for threshold values.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:43 AM.
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Projector communicator

By B53a11bd4515f4c3f0c44609fd0c633f Kulwant singh

The problem of connecting the laptop to the projector is those big wires which limit your movement while presenting or lecturing but what if we have a device that can remove all those wires and allows your laptop to communicate with projector via intenet. 

This concept involves the usage of serial to ethernet device that converts the data recieved by the projector terminal via ethernet (Tcp/Ip) connection to serial level and them transfer it to projector via usage of rs232.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:38 AM.
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Robotic Arm Cam

By 1dbe11cda9b3d4e7734193fbaf28492f Joseph Mathew

The robotic arm cam is a camera that will be controlled through the means of internet. Not only the camera will be able to live stream the visuals of a place unreachable or far away from the controller, it will visualize the view according to the movement of the user.

The live video will be viewed by the user at a place which can be far away from the actual place of footage. This camera will be held by a robotic arm that will move according to the hand movement of the user. The video will be viewed on a phone and the robotic arm will replicate the hand movement of the user. This will provide the live streaming with a perspective of the user.

Since, the perspective  and movement of the phone will be measured by the gyroscope, the hand movement may not be necessary. The phone can be simply placed in a VR and the video can be seen as a live virtual reality appearance with the movement of head. This movement of the phone will be calculated by the gyroscope and this data will be sent through the means of WIZ750SR and the robotic arm will replicate the same movement and stream the video which will be displayed in the form of virtual reality, making the user experience the place where the robotic arm is placed.

This  can be very helpful to view locations that are not accessible or far away from the user eg: Space, other planets (Given that the connection allows reasonable live stream)

A person will also be able to view any certain place in the US while sitting is their office in Bangalore. Just the Robotic arm will have to be placed at the location required.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:27 AM.
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Face recognition attendance system with door lock

By Fa1ae4d951facd8fd341cf998a378d84 Biswajit Padhi

Now a days, in offices officials are using RFID door lock systems. The employees have tags with RFID and in order to get in  to the office they have to use their tags. These tags are also used to record there sign in and sign out time along with their total hours worked.


Issues with these systems:

1) The biggest issue in this system is proxy. Sometimes situation occurs that the person who is not coming to office just gives his tag to other person so that he can swipe it for him. A particular person can also swipe two tags with this system and the system cannot catch this anomaly. CCTV are also not full proof to catch this issue

2) If in any case the RFID tag is damaged then the person has to stay outside or need the help of other employees to enter to the office. If attendance system is included then he has to update his attendance manually till the new tag comes.

3)If an unauthorized person has the tag of an authorized personnel then he can enter to office easily. So, anyone having bad intentions can steal the tag from an office employee and enter to the office with ease.


                               By taking the above issue into account, one possible solution can be proposed and that is, instead of using RFID tags, we should use a bio-metric system such as facial recognition for the door lock and attendance system.


Why facial recognition system??

There are various bio-metric systems available such as fingerprint scan, voice recognition, signature scan etc. But these systems require specific sensor to work on. For facial recognition we only need a simple camera to capture the image of the person. So, it is cheap and economical


How the system will work??


The user has to register his details along with his image in the system. So, in order to enter, his/her picture will be captured through camera and matched with the stored image of the respective person. If any match is found the system will activate the mechanism to unlock the door. After the person enters the the door remains unlocked for 5 seconds and then it will be locked for other person. By the time of recognition if the match is found the system will store the login time and log out time while going from the office. So, there total working hours can be calculated


Benifits of this system:


1) The issue of Proxy can be avoided in the new recognition system. As the person has to come personally for the facial recognition, so a particular person can't sign in for two persons.


2) As the use of RFID is eliminated, so there is no issue for damaged card. Here the person itself is the ID proof for his/her attendance


3) The entrance of unauthorized person is also totally restricted in this system. As, it is a bio-metric system, so there are equivalent to zero chances to steal the details of an employee an make an unauthorized access to the office


Role of WIZ750SR in this system:

The WIZ750SR will act like a central network hub for the system which will connect our network recognition system to the server and database. After the image is being captured by the camera it will be sent to the cloud server via WIZ750SR where it will be matched with the images stored in the database. After the process is done the response is sent to the device from the server via WIZ750SR again. So, WIZ750SR will work like a gateway between the recognition device and server


Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:21 AM.
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Drunk Driving Alert

By Img 20180316 113838 750 5eajuv4cc1 Aditya Kumar

Driving buses and trucks continuously for hours is a quite difficult job. In many cases it has been observed bus and truck drivers are seen driving after consuming alcohol. Driving such large vehicles on the road under the influence of alcohol is a grave threat to the driver’s as well as other commuter’s life on the road. So in order to detect drunk driving in buses and trucks we here propose an automated system that detects such incidents and also avoids it. Also it sends notification of the incident to respective authorities. We here use an alcohol sensor interfaced to microcontroller along with a GSM modem to send notifications, LCD display to display status and buzzer. The system is powered by a 12V power supply. Once alcohol is detected on sensor it generates a relative voltage and microcontroller is signaled. The microcontroller now checks if the alcohol content of driver is above permissible levels. If it is above permissible levels, the controller displays the status on display, sounds a buzzer. It also stops a motor used to demonstrate as vehicle engine. Now the controller also instructs GSM modem to send a sms message to the respective authority or owner of vehicle about the event so that further action can be taken about the incident.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:06 AM.
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By 4ac7732265008d80da47c8bf52a7c770 user472077

My idea depicts a almost feasible solution to one of the most difficult thing these days- getting onto internet. Getting signal and browsing all the time does not seem possible all the time, we run out of signal. What if we can get internet connection from any device surrounding us be it electrical or mechanical so that even loadshading cannot create a hindrance. You will always be connected while roaming and also when in a jungle where you can draw signal from something or the other around you. Instead having towers to catch the signal and distribute,we make every device the tower and they act like network givers.


Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 6:00 AM.
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SmartBand For IT Employees

By Black galyepehbg Hitesh Kumar

Health and Security has been a major issue for employees for IT companies in recent times. hence we have come up with an idea of smart band to help in monitoring health, security, assistance and providing medication according to it. The band will be accomplishing the following tasks:
  • It will be a replacement for id cards based on the RFID in the band, an employee will be provided access only to the areas they are permitted.
  • It will monitor the BP, heart rate, sleep cycle, temperature and few other parameters that are needed to understand once health condition.
  • It will also provide assistance to various IoT components connectivity in their work spaces like printer, fax machine, coffee machine, cabin lights and cabin air conditioner. It will also provide google assistance so that the employee can manage their schedule, remainders and have any form of assistance from google products.
  • It will also provide medication based on the reports of the user from the common medication supply machine placed at the common work-space. 
  • A monthly status and report will sent to the authority. 
  • Alert messages will be sent to family member and authority in case of emergency. 
p.s : It will tough for employees to lie about their health to their boss for leave.
Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 5:54 AM.
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Gangajal - a smart water vending machine

By Photo Saket Saraf

Here we put forward a fully automated RFID based water dispenser system using wiznet w5500 and sensor.
The system is capable of fully automated water/cola dispensing using motors and sensors.
The system also senses if glass is placed at the counter to avoid water spoilage if there is no glass placed at
the counter panel.
The system uses IR sensors to detect presence of glass and then the sensors send a signal to the wiznet w5500.
The wiznet w5500 now processes the information sent by the sensors to determine if glass is present.
The system also has a rfid reader that is used to read tag and send information to wiznet w5500
about valid tag.
On detecting a valid tag the system now sends a signal to the controller who checks if glass is present and then
it starts the motor to pour water in glass using motor as long the glass is present.
If glass is removed during the process, system stops the water supply until glass is encountered.
Thus we here put forward a smart water dispenser system with water saving feature.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 5:51 AM.
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smart vehicles-smart transportation

By Photo Naman Sharma

Over speeding vehicle make lot of nuisance sometimes also leading to loss of lives and other damages. Also imposing speed restrictions through sign boards have been rendered fruitless wherein the vehicle drivers do not comply with it and resulting catastrophic. Vehicle Speed Limit Controller Project is a great solution to this problem as it not only provides speed limitations, it also implements it through a controlling mechanism. The project works with RF communication between the speed sign post and the vehicle controller system. A motor is used here to depict as a vehicle. Whenever a vehicle comes in range of the RF speed sign post, the sign post transmits the speed limit for that particular road to the vehicle system. The vehicle controller system receives this signal through RF receiver and further perceived by the microcontroller. The speed of the vehicle can be incremented / decremented manually with the help of push buttons. If the system was at lower speed than the limit received from the sign post than there will be no changes made to the speed of the system. However, if the speed of the vehicle was manually incremented to a higher value, then the controller will impose the speed restriction and bring back the speed value to the value specified by the limit. Now if the user tries to increase the speed, the system does not allows it to do so till it is in range of the RF speed sign post. The speed of the vehicle and the limits are displayed on an LCD. Thus this system greatly helps in curbing the speed of over speeding vehicles ensuring safety of vehicles on accident prone road ways.

Submitted on Apr 20, 2018 at 5:49 AM.
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