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Internet expending machine 9000

By Soka cdsdtvc7fp Alexis Santiago Allende

My idea is based on using the IoT concept in product sales, in a vending machine with internet connection where we could accept payments in real time by means of a credit or debit card or alternatives such as Paypal. But the most important part is to have a web interface where you can see how the sales records of the product go and you can also see the status of the products (maybe they are about to expire or you need to fill the shelves, it's information important to know and act accordingly).
To carry out this project, it is required:

  • Motors to move the vending machine.
  • A keyboard and screen to choose the product.
  • A WIZnet kit to add the power of the internet to the project.
  • Tools and construction material.

I hope to have your support to make a reality of the project and thus support the community with my ideas.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:53 AM.
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Hackster to go 4x3 2 rkt7nlqauk


By Ishotjr starman Ish Ot Jr.

We've all been there: it's absurdly late at night, you just dropped the raddest GOTO statement of all time into your BASIC program, and you're too jazzed off Jolt Cola to sleep! So you start wondering what sweet new contests might have been uploaded to the Hackster BBS, but you're on your TRS-80 Model 100 portable and don't really want to have to boot up the Amiga just to log on. Enter HACKSTER TO GO - your direct uplink to the Hackster community! HACKSTER TO GO uses the WIZ750SR's amazing technology from 20 years in the future to connect your Model 100's serial port directly to Hackster's "API" via "Ethernet" communications, previously only available to large corporations and educational institutions!

Thanks for this exciting opportunity to Ethernet-enable serial devices! In brainstorming ideas I started looking around for devices I had with 9-pin RS-232 serial connectors, and realized that many of my retro computing machines had one - thus quickly arriving at the idea of leveraging the WIZ750SR to connect these 1980s devices to our wonderful 2018 internet, and specifically the Hackster API, so that real-time contest information etc. could be displayed on these computers from the past. Thanks for this exciting opportunity! :)

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:51 AM.
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Voice Contolled Home Automation and Weather Station with Display

By D61434ae12890e59f2fff93c50c4086a Suraj Joshua James


Alexa to Raspberry Pi controlled by Python through AWS (IBM Bluemix).

Sense Hat displays all commands through Alexa.

Through the sense Hat, the current temperature, barometric pressure and humidity can be retrieved.

The GPIO of the Raspberry Pi will be controlled by Alexa (through python computation). LEDs and other accessories connected to this will also controlled.

Also, with the help of the inbuilt joystick and Alexa - games like Snake, Tetris, etc. can be played on Sense Hat.

The data computed and all the processes that are done will be sent from Raspberry Pi to the computer through WIZ750SR to the server and cloud (AWS).

Data from AWS will be taken and this will be displayed on the website live.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:45 AM.
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Electrospinning system qodeu7kw1k

Electrospinning System with WiZnet

By 0e251b145cced8154d66625b91abc412 M. Ramanadha


Electrospinning is a fiber production method which uses electric force to draw charged threads of polymer solutions to fiber diameters in the order of some hundred nanometers. This makes the process particularly suited to the production of fibers using large and complex molecules. The standard laboratory setup for electrospinning consists of a spinneret (syringe needle) connected to a high-voltage (5 to 50 kV) direct current power supply, a syringe pump, and a grounded collector. Thus far, at least seven countries in the world have companies which provide industrial-level and laboratory-scale electrospinning machines. This technique has vide applications in filtration, textile manufacturing, medical, catalysts and composites. Once the research was carried out for small scale fabrication then it can be used to produce in bulk quantity by the companies. In order to make Electrospinning technique ease to the research there is a need to design a smart and portable Electrospinning system.


Operating the system manual or automated may not be convenient to the researcher. Electrospinning system designed using WIZnet and arduino development board will simplify the task by accessing the data remotely and can control the system through wireless. The digital sensors like temperature, humidity, pressure can be interfaced to the Arduino board using the I2C protocol. The actuators like relays, solenoid valves, switches, LEDs are interfaced to the Arduino kit using the on-board GPIO pins. DC motors, servo motor and stepper motor can be controlled using the PWM signal generated from the GPIO pins. LCD and HEX keypad are connected to I2C or SPI protocol to display and adjust the threshold values like temperature, RPM, time of process etc. The process can be viewed remotely using the mobile app like Blynk. Wiznet board has Ethernet connectivity so the Electrospinning system can be operated remotely to avoid contacts and exposure to the high voltages during their operation. The stipulated discharge of solution through the syringe pump can be set using the keypad and the LCD is used to view the data on the system. The operation of system can be controlled remotely by ON/OFF if any fault is occurred during the processing.


Wiznet Ethernet and Arduino development board with the necessary features can be more suitable to design a portable Electrospinning system for research purpose as it is more suitable in nanotechnology to fabricate fine threads which can be used in medical, textile, composites, etc. This module is capable to communicated wirelessly using WiFi network and this tiny kit has enough GPIO pins to interface the digital sensors, actuators which are necessary for the Electrospinning system. In my opinion this project can be helpful to the research laboratories in colleges and industries which are showing much interest to design the nano fabrics.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:42 AM.
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R1 bmitvvwohc

WIZnet IoT Smart Home device.

By 2a6a8e1a09eac94056504e7ff19d984f C. Swathi

Today everyone liked to have home decorative with wide range of ceiling lights, flush mount lights, semi flush mounts, spot lights, wall mirrors, clocks, wall art and more. The home lighting system enhances the beauty of our home like never before. These systems are coming with LED's because they are Eco-friendly and power saving. The interesting thing is that many of the users are interested to have IoT kind of home lighting systems because they help-a-lot.

Here are some of example problem statements and their solutions with IoT home lighting systems.

1) Problem: When we spot dangerous reptiles (like snake, scorpion, etc.) moving in our villa or compound areas. We want to switch ON the lights and rush to the switch boards by that time the reptiles may hide and we cannot identify them.

Solution: When we have a mobile app which can remotely switch on/off lights with Cayenne, WiZnet and Arduino. We can watch their motion continuously so that we can divert or capture the reptiles in cage so that our family member and neighbors are safe from dangerous bites.

2) Problem: We are busy in our work but our kids ask to switch the bathroom/bedroom/kitchen lights for their purpose. It will be a disturbance to go and come again we may loss the concentration and time at an emergency.

Solution: If we have access to control all the lights with Cayenne remote app interfaced to arduino and WiZnet ethernet modules, it will be just a click without going to the switch boards. So that we can be on our work and kids will be on their own work.

3) Problem: In spectroscopy laboratory demonstrating about light sensitive project we need to keep the room dark for this we switch OFF the lights and ON when require for this we need an assistant. Some time in conference hall also we need assistant to switch ON/OFF lights for the simple tasks.

Solution: With the help of cayenne and WIZnet we can control the lights without any assistant require so that assistance necessity will be avoided. And the mobile app can be used to control all the lights in the rooms.

4) Problem: In our home during night time we don’t want to disturb others sleep and want to project lights to a particular direction either for reading or arranging things.

Solution: For reading we can use the table lamps but it occupy some space on our table and wiring risk etc. Now-a-days all the ceiling/pendent/outdoor lights use LEDS so it is easy to direct the lighting in living/kitchen/bed rooms to a particular direction. Example can be in the cover image. The lighting direction can be controlled by the remote app built with Cayenne and control using the hardware WIZnet, arduino and actuators.

5) Problem: When we are away from home for a couple of weeks and we want to switch lights ON/OFF to make feel robbers/thieves that someone is staying in home.

Solution: Cayenne with remote app can control the things from anywhere in the world with the hardware like esp8266 and arduino boards. The lighting system with this can be used to control the home lights and make feel others that someone is staying so that we can protect our house by ourselves.

6) Problem: At sudden our Boss asks to attend meeting along with him right now and we are not switched OFF lights and fans in our cabin. Power saving is good than generating.

Solution: If we had the Cayenne mobile app link to our cabin lighting system with WIZnet and arduino it is easy to switch OFF the light on-go to the meeting.

This is how the IoT my home lighting device designed with WIZnet and Arduino with remote mobile app designed using Cayenne my devices will be helpful in various purposes. I hope this system will serve in any kind of place like for homes, shops, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, function halls, meeting halls, etc. On my personal experience with Cayenne app designing and controlling some actuators and reading data from sensors using arduino boards it is easy to built IoT my home lighting devices and it can be more helpful to every household and office purposes.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:34 AM.
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Images 1q6zjzbrr3

Wheelchair person fall detection

By Photo Jagraj Singh

The system uses some sensors to detect person movements, It can be mounted on persons hand or wheelchair for detection. The sensor is connected to a microcontroller in order to constantly transmit the required data. Now the system keeps monitoring for fall detection and abrupt movement changes in person. A sudden abrupt change with jerk in the system is treated as a fall. Now in case the person did not fall and alarm was false, the system allows to snooze the alert if person presses snooze button in 5 seconds. If person does not press the snooze, system detects person has fallen and automatically triggers alert through wifi connection to alert the loved ones of the person about the situation instantly.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:32 AM.
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Icu mdv6gjt0rw

Patient health monitoring device.

By Cf33ebdd18740471983049f43759e54f Sindhu

Patient observation is important when they are in ICU. The observation commonly carried are ECG, respiration, blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, etc. The sensors are connected to patient to make observations all these sensors are linked to a monitoring device to visualize the condition of patient. If Doctor wants to check the status of patient health he need to visit the ICU frequently or else nurse should be their which leads to inconvenient to them. If the devices are able to monitor remotely by doctor it is more convenient to the m all the patient status on a single window System.PC. With this the cost of establishing an ICU is reduced much in hospitals.  

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:29 AM.
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Weather insttruments mvaklxs2yr

Weather instruments network with WIZnet

By Photo Selvaraj D

Weather instruments are located on various types of platforms to monitor the climate and weather changes. Meteorologists use those instrument for forecasting rain, storms etc calamities in advance to alert the public. In this scenario weather instruments need to be connected in network and able to access by all the directors, scientists, researchers to monitor and analysis the data in real time. the data from the instruments to all the persons can be connected at time is with Ethernet so if the weather devices are included by WIZnet serial to Ethernet module it is helpful to transfer data.

The data from the sensor is serial is converted to Ethernet protocol so it is easy to visualize the data by all at a time. I like my anemometer, lidar, MWR, radiometer data to monitor on a single PC by linking them to Ethernet.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:19 AM.
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Honey processing plant wipecl9nqj

Industrial processing unit health monitoring remotely with the help of WIZnet

By 0de7967692f34d9eeadc620543a34945 Karthick

In industries there are many controlling mechanical parts with complex network of sensors and actuators. The functionality of industries lie on the function of sensors and actuators. If any parts of industries are working properly it can be easily identified with the help of sensors at which site the error has been occurred to trip the industries. So monitoring the sensors leads to industrial health monitoring and the data from sensors should be shared to all the safety teams.

It is hard to view all the sensors data on a single PC by all the team members. If the data is shared to each and individual systems to access each and every team members at a time it is more convenient and can perform rectification of error in a short time.

Industrialists are planning to make their industries to advance level by integrating with IoT technology. To upgrade their systems instead of new devices they can simply extend the WIZnet into their existing controlling systems. By including WIZnet the data can be shared to each and every PC via Ethernet which can be accessible by each and every safety team member to perform error rectification. It is easy to monitor the sensors and actuators performance remotely. Once the data is equally shared/transferred to technician, engineer and safety team all together at a time, it is easy to bring back the tripped industry. This WIZnert module IoT system will be advantageous over WiFi system in latency, speed, security and LAN connections.

Most of the existing devices are communicated to PC via serial communication lines (like RS232, 458, etc.) this devices can be upgraded to IoT system by connecting the Serial2Ethernet and vice versa WIZnet device. It will be good opportunity to customize with WIZnet which can be accessible remotely. I would like to include WIZnet in my existing project prototype which change the mind set of industrialists to incorporate the WIZnet so that it will be helpful to monitor health condition of industries, factories and other processing units. A GUI design to visualize the data can be handy to check the status of the industries by engineers, technicians and the safety teams.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 6:03 AM.
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20170930 154551 825x510 zrdar2qxef

Universal Locker System


This locker is going to be a future solution for many areas.

This is a one-stop solution, as it is much cheaper than any smart lock, this time I am going it make it smarter and more reliable, by installing lock my mobile, lock by voice.

Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 5:49 AM.
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Biometric atm rnt4plnoqf

Finger print ATM

By 1690c4e7a323dff7734175ec660ecf4e Liya C T


Fingerprint based ATM is a desktop application where fingerprint of the user is used as an authentication .The finger print features are different for each human being so the user can be identified uniquely.Instead of using ATM card , Fingerprint based ATM is safer and secure .There is no worry of loosing ATM card and no need to carry ATM card in your wallet .you just have to use finger print in order to do any bank transaction .the user has to login using finger print and he  has to enter the pin code  in order to do further transaction .the user can withdraw money from his account.user can transfer money to various accounts by mentioning account order to withdraw money user has to enter  the  amount he want to withdraw and has to mention from which account  he want to withdraw (saving account ,current account).the user must have appropriate balance in his ATM account to do transaction.user can view the balance available in his respective account.the system will provide the user to view last 5 transactions.


1.Login:user will login to the system using his fingerprint.

2.Add Pin Code:user has to scan finger and add pin code in order to do transaction.

3.Withdrawal of cash:user can withdraw cash by entering the amount he want to withdraw.

4.Transfer of Money:user can transfer cash to other accounts by entering the account number he wants to transfer.

5.View Balance:user can view balance which is available in his respective account.

6.View Transaction:user can view last five transactions.


Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 5:43 AM.
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Icon ywceg1fzlr

Detecting power consumption of each device at home.

By 2f5b0bcb457606de891233861d091ade user472288

These days a lot of devices are operating at our home. All these devices seem a necessity to us. The crisis occurs at the end of the month, yes, the electricity bill. 

                A device, that can help us keep track of the amount of electricity being consumed by our electrical appliance. On crossing a certain limit of power consumption within a certain amount of time the device should notify the user about the excess consumption of electricity by a certain appliance.

           Hence, helping the customer to keep a check on the appliance as well as his/her electricity bill.


These could be the components in use :

  • Home monitoring system

  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Electrical current sensors


Submitted on Apr 21, 2018 at 5:28 AM.
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