Serial to Ethernet (S2E), StablE

with WIZnet
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Serial to Ethernet (S2E), StablE
Serial to Ethernet (S2E), StablE
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Voice Controlled Test Equipment

By 14332988 1173411892680041 6103662416382442841 n 9vz2m7avbx Dillon Nichols

I have an oscilloscope that I want to control with my voice. I can use a homemade Alexa skill to send basic commands (trigger, autoscale, single capture, etc) that the Wiznet can process and send the appropriate command to the oscoscope. It may even be possible to read out the results of measure ("Alexa, what's the frequency on channel 1?") and have it respond. This would be very helpful when you're using both of your hands to hold a probe exactly at the right place to measure something. I'm very excited to make this idea into reality! 

Submitted on Apr 13, 2018 at 1:19 PM.
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