HoverGames Challenge 1: Fight Fire with Flyers

with NXP
How will your drone assist fire fighters?

Win up to $14,000+ in prizes!

HoverGames Challenge 1: Fight Fire with Flyers
HoverGames Challenge 1: Fight Fire with Flyers
This contest is over! See all the winning entries. Want more chances to win prizes? Check out our active contests.



Did I win the contest? When will I receive my prize?

If you are a winner, we will contact you directly via email to arrange the shipment of your prize.

Hardware coupon application: Do I have to submit an idea in my Hardware Application to receive a coupon for a lower price on the hardware?
Yes, all hardware coupon recipients must submit a Hardware Application by July 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM (see official rules). Hardware coupon recipients who purchase the drone development kit but do not submit a project entry will become ineligible to receive free or discounted hardware in other future Hackster giveaways.
Hardware coupon application: How many coupons are available?
100 Idea Winners will be awarded hardware coupons (to find out how to become an Idea Winner see official rules).
Hardware coupon application: How many ideas can I submit?
Each participant, whether individual or team, is allowed to submit one idea.
Hardware coupon application: I was notified that I was selected as an idea winner to receive a hardware coupon. I ordered it from NXP.com. When will I receive it?

Each Idea winner, whether individual or team, will be awarded one coupon for the HoverGames drone development kit ( KIT-HGDRONEK66) and one coupon for the telemetry radio, which is redeemable at NXP.com. After you order the devices, using the coupon code, a notification of your shipment status will be sent to the email address you provided at the time of your order.

Other bonus components, including the heat sensor, PixyCam2, Rapid IoT module and RDDRONE-IoT board will be shipped to you by Hackster after your order on NXP.com web site is placed. You will receive an email once Hackster ships the product. Please also note: once you receive the initial notification, it may still be a few weeks until you receive the shipment notification.

Hardware coupon application: What happens if I receive a hardware coupon code and do not purchase the hardware?
If you receive a hardware coupon code via email and decide not to purchase the hardware, please contact us at contests@hackster.io and let us know as soon as possible. We may choose to award the hardware coupon code to another participant.
I submitted my project but it says "Awaiting moderation". Will it affect my eligibility?
As long as you submit your project before the deadline it doesn't matter when it is moderated. Just sit back and enjoy a well deserved break!
My project is locked and I can't edit it anymore. Why is that?
All projects entered in the contest are locked after the submission deadline to ensure that they remain the same during the judging process. They are then unlocked after winners are announced.
Somebody copied my entry! What can I do?
When judging entries, we take into account the submission date. When an entry is clearly plagiarized from another, we favor the original entry. If you believe the result of the judging is unfair, please email us at help@hackster.io to appeal.
What are the entry requirements?

Important Dates

Hardware Coupon Application Submission Deadline:Jul 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT

Final Project Submissions Deadline: Feb 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT

Contest winners will be announced on Mar 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT

For your submission to be eligible for judging, you must meet ALL of the following requirements unless otherwise stated:

General Requirements

  • You must be registered as a participant for this contest.
  • Your entry must be your own original work.
  • Your entry cannot have been selected as a winner in any other Hackster contest.
  • Your team is no more than 5 members per entry.*
  • Your entry must be related to the task of fighting fires using the NXP HoverGames Drone Development Kit (KIT-HGDRONEK66).

*By entering a submission to this contest on behalf of a team, you acknowledge that you are the designated representative authorized to act on behalf of your team. (See full rules below for details.)

Idea Winners: Hardware Coupon Application Requirements (OPTIONAL)

One-hundred (100) Idea Winners will be awarded hardware coupon vouchers which lowers the bundled price of the HoverGames Drone Development Kit and bonus devices for this challenge to $300 USD. This is a discount of more than 50 percent off the retail price* of the bundle (*price is compared to the retail price of the bundle in the US). The bundle includes:

  • HoverGames Drone Development Kit (KIT-HGDRONEK66)
  • Telemetry radio
  • Heat sensor
  • Rapid IoT module
  • PixyCam2
  • RDDRONE-IoT board

To be considered an Idea Winner, you must meet the following requirements. (If you do not wish to submit an Idea Winner Hardware Coupon application, continue to 'Hardware/Software Build Requirements' below.)

  • Your Hardware Coupon Application must be written in English.
  • Your Hardware Coupon Application must be submitted via the online application form found on the contest page’s “Apply for hardware” tab.
  • Your Hardware Coupon Application must be submitted by Jul 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT.
  • Hardware Coupons will be awarded based on inventive project idea related to the task of fighting fires using the HoverGames Drone Development Kit (KIT-HGDRONEK66) as judged by NXP

Conditions for Redeeming Coupons

  • Each Hardware Coupon is good until the expiration date specified at the time of issue to the Idea Winner.
  • Hardware Coupons that are not redeemed by the expiration date may be re-issued to other Idea Winners.
  • Each Hardware Coupon is non-transferable and may be used by the Idea Winner who was awarded the coupon.
  • Hardware Coupons may be applied to only the product(s) specified at time of issue.
  • Hardware Coupons are good while supplies last.
  • Idea Winners who redeem Hardware Coupons are required to pay equivalent of $300 USD for the hardware. Idea Winners will be solely responsible for all applicable federal, state, and local taxes and other fees related to purchasing and receiving the hardware. Idea winners may be required to pay some or all shipping costs.

Final Project Submission Requirements

Your project must be created using the HoverGames Drone Development Kit (KIT-HGDRONEK66).

Your project must show how a small autonomous drone or system solution can solve a problem related to fire fighting.

You must document your project using the Hackster online project form. You must complete:

  • Basic information, including the project title and one-sentence elevator pitch
  • Bill of Materials, including all hardware, software OSs, apps, online services and other handtools and fabrication machines
  • Full story on how your application project works, including videos and images
  • Relevant resources, including code, schematics and CAD files (if relevant)

All code must be published to a public code repository on GitHub licensed under the open-source 3-Clause BSD License using a "pull request." Further, your uploaded source code is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD license. (See “About Pull Requests” on GitHub.)

Specifically, using GitHub, participants must:

  • Fork all HoverGames repositories (copy repositories) to allow for experimental changes without affecting the original project. (See fork help article on GitHub.)
  • Fork the PX4 Firmware repository
  • Notify contests@hackster.io of your GitHub account with a list of the forks’ URLs and your team name
  • Experiment with code on your fork.
  • When submitting your final project, create a pull request to the HoverGames repositories
  • Pull request must include team name
  • Pull request must include year of participation
  • Create a pull request to the PX4 Firmware repository
  • Send the link to the PX4 Firmware pull request to contests@hackster.io
  • You may be asked for these notifications and URLs to be included in your hackster.io project page

Your project must be written in English.

Your project must be submitted by Feb 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT

Also see "Judging Criteria" for more details.

What are the judging criteria?

Your project is judged on a 100-point scale using the following criteria.

Judges may conduct unit tests and code review. In some cases, field tests may be performed. Completeness of documentation requirements is also expected.

General Documentation [20 POINTS]

How well do you describe your project in the project title, one-sentence elevator pitch, Bill of Materials, full story. Are the relevant resources, including code, schematics and/or CAD files complete?

Video and Photos [20 POINTS]
Photographs, videos, and screenshots are worth a thousand words. How well does the video capture or represent your solution? Does the video presentation give a clear picture of how the drone would solve the challenge?

Code & Contributions [40 POINTS]

At judges’ discretion, any or all of the following will be checked: Code will be checked for meaningfulness, readability, performance, cleanness (“clang-tidy”), fake check, resource consumption and global usage possibilities.

Inventiveness [10 POINTS]

Does your project demonstrate innovative thinking, does it bring new solutions to an existing problem, or apply existing solutions to a novel problem?

Technical Depth [10 POINTS]

How sophisticated is the code or solution? It’s worth extra points!

The HoverGames Challenge will award prizes to multiple winners through the duration of the program. Final Prizes

1st Place

  • Visa Gift Card (prize value in US dollars)
  • $3,000 value

2nd Place

  • Visa Gift Card (prize value in US dollars)
  • $2,000 value

3rd Place

  • Visa Gift Card (prize value in US dollars)
  • $1,000 value

Bonus Prizes

We want you to win! Have you done something really unique with the extra components, including the PixyCam2, Rapid IoT and/or heat sensor? Throughout the competition, more than 30 additional giveaways will be awarded. Many prizes, including additional drone accessories, $100 USD electronic Visa gift cards, and even additional drone kits will be given to participants who use the bonus components. NXP judges will select participants based on inventive and unique uses of these components. Follow the comments section closely for more details. 30 winners will get Drone Accessories, electronic Visa gift cards and complete drone kits ranging in value from $50 to $450.

Special Awards

One winner for each of the special awards will each win an electronic Visa gift card (each valued at $1,000 USD). Special awards include:

"First Responders Award" for most impactful idea, determined by the Twain Harte Fire Department which covers Yosemite National Park, USA.
"Drone Coder Award" for a project, determined by DroneCode.org.
“PX4 Award” for best use of PX4 code and services," determined by Auterion. "Unicorn Award" for most unusual, interesting, creative or environmental friendly idea, determined by Arm.

What are the prizes?
Grand Prizes
  • 1st Place: Electronic Visa Gift Card (prize value in US dollars) ($3,000 value)
  • 2nd Place: Electronic Visa Gift Card (prize value in US dollars) ($2,000 value)
  • 3rd Place: Electronic Visa Gift Card (prize value in US dollars) ($1,000 value)
Bonus Prizes
  • Drone Accessories, Cash Cards and Complete Drone Kits ($100 value) (41 are available)
Special Awards
  • Electronic Visa Gift Card ($1,000 value) (4 are available)
What are the steps to enter the contest?

Step 1: Register for the Contest

  • Start by creating a free account on Hackster.io (or sign-in if already a member).
  • Register for the contest by clicking “Register as a participant.”
  • Optional: Before Jul 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT, you can apply to be an Idea Winner for a Hardware Coupon. Complete the form found at the “Apply for Hardware” tab. If after Jul 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT, continue to next step.

Step 2: Build and Document Your Project

  • Build your project according to the submission requirements.
  • Document your project build using Hackster’s project template. To create a new project, click “create new project” on the contest page or the “+” symbol in the top right corner of your Hackster page.

Step 3: Review and submit your project

  • Review your project and make sure it meets all the submission requirements.
  • Upload a previously created project by clicking “add existing project” on the contest page.
  • Submit your project by Feb 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT by clicking “review and submit project” on the contest page.
What is the contest timeline?

Contest begins:

May 28, 2019 at 9:00 AM PT

Applications for hardware close:

July 27, 2019 at 11:59 PM PT

Hardware recipients announced:

August 15, 2019

Submissions close:

February 2, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT

Winners announced:

March 2, 2020

When will winners be announced? Where can I see the list?

Hardware coupon winners will be announced by August 15, 2019. The list of winners will be visible on the Apply for hardware tab.

Contest winners will be announced on March 2, 2020. The list of winners will be visible on the main page (Contest brief).

Who is eligible to participate?

You are eligible to enter if you meet the following requirements at time of entry:

  • You are at least 18 years of age If you are considered a minor in your place of residence, then you must receive a legal guardian's permission prior to submitting an entry into this challenge. Send the completed contest permission form to help@hackster.io.
  • You are not a resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria US export regulations prohibit the export of goods and services to the countries listed above, therefore residents of these countries are not eligible to participate in this challenge.
  • You are not involved in the execution or administration of this Challenge.
  • You are not an immediate family member or household member of a Hackster.io employee.
  • NXP employees and teams with NXP employees may participate by submitting ideas and projects, but are not eligible to win, rank, or receive prizes and/or hardware coupons distributed by Hackster. If you are an NXP employee, please follow the First Flyer rules provided to you from NXP.

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