Make with Ada

with AdaCore
Build something cool using Ada and SPARK!

Total prize pool of $8,000+

Make with Ada
Make with Ada
This contest is over! See all the winning entries. Want more chances to win prizes? Check out our active contests.



Did I win the contest? When will I receive my prize?

If you are a winner, we will contact you directly via email to arrange the shipment of your prize.

I submitted my project but it says "Awaiting moderation". Will it affect my eligibility?
As long as you submit your project before the deadline it doesn't matter when it is moderated. Just sit back and enjoy a well deserved break!
My project is locked and I can't edit it anymore. Why is that?
All projects entered in the contest are locked after the submission deadline to ensure that they remain the same during the judging process. They are then unlocked after winners are announced.
Somebody copied my entry! What can I do?
When judging entries, we take into account the submission date. When an entry is clearly plagiarized from another, we favor the original entry. If you believe the result of the judging is unfair, please email us at to appeal.
What are the entry requirements?

Each Individual Participant’s and each Team’s Submission shall contain:

  • A technical description of the content of their Project;
  • Pictures or videos explaining the architecture, the content and/or the making of the Project;
  • Links to external resources, such as a github or public svn repository, containing the sources and/or documentation of the Project. The Submission will be used for the evaluation of the Project by the Judging Panel and must meet the following conditions:
  • All submitted material must be in English.
  • Clear documentation of which parts of the Project are original and which parts are reusing content authored by third parties, such as pre-existing libraries.
  • Identification of which parts of the Project, if any, have been submitted to a previous Make with Ada Competition.
  • Code written in the Ada or SPARK languages. It can optionally use components written in other languages (such as third-party libraries), but only the original part of the Project that uses Ada or SPARK will be evaluated by the Panelists.

Initial Submissions may be made by Participants between 15:00 CEST on Tuesday September 10th 2019 and 23:59 CEST on Friday January 31st 2020. Submissions may be amended, corrected, or improved at any time during this period.

What are the judging criteria?

Projects will be evaluated using the information available either directly from the Submission or indirectly from the resources referred to by the Submission using the following criteria:

  • Buzz effect: one of the main goals of the Competition is to give more exposure to Ada, SPARK and related technologies. Projects will be judged in part with regards to how we think the project can have an impact in that regard: Will the project give more exposure to Ada ? Does it have a “wow effect” that will appeal to the technology community in general ? Will it show the benefits of Ada and related technologies ?
  • Open source: Does the Project have a Free Software License, as defined by the Free Software Foundation or an open-source licence, as defined by the Open Source Initiative? Does it have an open design? Does it use open tools, hardware and platforms? Is the Project usable by other members of the programming community? Does it have clearly-defined interfaces and documentation? Is it available in a public repository through a version control system such as svn or git? Does the public repository chosen supply a bug tracking system? Can the Project be built with tools available to the Ada/SPARK programmer community?
  • Software quality: Does the Project make use of processes and technologies that provide high confidence that the software meets its requirements (for example formal methods, SPARK, contract-based programming, testing, and coding standards)? Is its documentation accurate?

If the project has been submitted to a previous Make with Ada Competition, only the parts of the project that were not part of a previous submission or were significantly changed from the version of the project then submitted will be taken into account by the Panelists.

What are the prizes?
First Prize
  • First Prize ($2,000 value)
Finalist Prizes
  • Finalist Prize ($600 value) (10 are available)
Student Prize
  • Student Prize ($299 value)
What are the steps to enter the contest?

Step 1: Register for the Contest

  • Start by creating a free account on (or sign-in if already a member).
  • Register for the contest by clicking “Register as a participant”.

Step 2: Build and Document Your Project

  • Build your project according to the submission requirements.
  • Document your project build using Hackster’s project template. To create a new project, click “create new project” on the contest page or the “+” symbol in the top right corner of your Hackster page.

Step 3: Review and submit your project

  • Review your project and make sure it meets all the submission requirements.
  • Upload a previously created project by clicking “add existing project” on the contest page.
  • Submit your project by Jan 31, 2020 at 2:59 PM PT by clicking “review and submit project” on the contest page.

What is the contest timeline?

Contest begins:

September 10, 2019 at 9:00 AM PT

Submissions close:

January 31, 2020 at 2:59 PM PT

Winners announced:

March 6, 2020

When will winners be announced? Where can I see the list?

Contest winners will be announced on March 6, 2020. The list of winners will be visible on the main page (Contest brief).

Who is eligible to participate?

“Make with Ada” is open to both “Individual Participants” and “Team Participants” (collectively, “Participants”).

Individual Participants must be at least the age needed to legally enter into this agreement under the laws of France (18), those of their country of residence, and those of the country from which they make their submission. Employees and contractors of the Organizer, Sponsors and Panelists, and the family members of, and any persons domiciled with, such employees or contractors, as well as individuals who received a prize , either as an Individual Participant or as a Team Participant, in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the “Make with Ada” contest, are not eligible.

“Teams” are composed of between two and four Team Participants, each of whom must be individually eligible. Each team must designate one of its members as the “Team Lead”, who will:

  • be the only point of contact between the Team and the Organizer and be the recipient of all communication on behalf of the Team;
  • receive any prize awarded to the Team and be responsible for sharing it among the Team Participants.

“Students” are Participants who are aged 26 or less when the competition starts, and who are registered in a higher-education curriculum leading to a PhD, Master, or Bachelor degree, or to any equivalent deemed equivalent by the Organizer. “Student Teams” are Teams comprising only Student Participants. “Student Projects” are Projects submitted either by a Student Participant or a Student Team.

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