BadgeLove by Hackster: The Blinkiest Badge Challenge on Earth!

Win up to $5,000+ in prizes!

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Submission requirements

  • Share any badge, new or old with full instructions
  • Provide design documentation. For example, PCB layout (native or Gerber plots), artwork, bill-of-materials, schematics, source code/firmware, and anything else you'd like to share!
  • Written explanation describing your badge’s capabilities
  • Optional video explaining what the badge does
  • Want to score extra points? Celebrate our partner Autodesk and build with Autodesk EAGLE files and Fusion 360 CAD (check out the Autodesk prize)
  • Don't want to share your complete Gerbers? Need to protect your invention? We totally understand. Share only what you feel comfortable with
  • Got add-ons? Let's see them!
  • Selling your badges? Share your links, we want to buy some!
  • Need fab help? It's all about the one and only OSH Park!