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Animal Sounds

A fun game for little kids where you tap the buttons to hear animal sounds and then guess which animal it is!

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Amazon Echo
Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo


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No circuit diagram needed!

I don't have a circuit diagram to show because the application exists purely in code and is available on Alexa devices.



This is my input handler that keeps my buttons active. I keep them live for a minute and then prompt the user that it is still active. They can press any button, and I save the buttons in memory in order of when they were pressed. With this, I don't have to have the button 'wake up' action that is usually recommended to find out which buttons exist in the roll call, but rather I can accept any button being activated at any time with a button press AND register the actual event as a unique animal sound based on a pre-set random generation.
  public static StartInputHandlerDirective buildSingleRecognizerDirective(
      HandlerInput input) {
    Map<String, Recognizer> recognizers = new HashMap<>();
    Recognizer allPressed = PatternRecognizer.builder()
    recognizers.put("all pressed", allPressed);
    Map<String, Event> events = new HashMap<>();
    Event completeEvent = Event.builder()
        .addMeetsItem("all pressed")
    Event failedEvent = Event.builder()
        .addMeetsItem("timed out")
    events.put("complete", completeEvent);
    events.put("failed", failedEvent);
    setOriginatingId(input, input.getRequestEnvelope()
    return StartInputHandlerDirective.builder()


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