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YWIL: the computer vision supervisor. You work, it looks

YWIL is a computer vision application for industrial manufacturing that recognizes parts and validates steps in a manual assembly process.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Intel Core i7-9750H Processor
Intel RealSense D435 Camera

Software apps and online services

Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
VS Code
Microsoft VS Code
Microsoft Custom Vision
OpenVINO toolkit
Intel OpenVINO toolkit

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Original Prusa i3 MK2S 3D Printer


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Custom parts and enclosures

YWIL assembly parts on Thingiverse

This web page contains the .STL files of all assembly parts used in the YWIL application ready for 3D printing. The filament used was standard PLA of different colors.

YWILL assembly model in 3DS format

This .3DS file contains all the assembly parts used in the YWIL application. The geometry is very simple and was originally modeled in SketchUp. Feel free to download and modify it.


YWIL assembly base and camera setup

The Intel RealSense camera is mounting close to the assembly base on top of a 15 cm high mini tripod at a 60 degree tilt.


YWIL C# code repository on GitHub

The repository contains a Visual Studio solution with the C# project as well as different folders with Python scripts, deep learning models, image resources and much more.

YWIL Python code repository on GitHub

This repository contains the YWIL application completely written in Python, as well as different folders with the deep learning models, image resources and more.


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