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Voice Controlled Slider Projector

Old tech meets high tech. Windows 10 UWP App with speech recognizion controlls an old slide projector.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Slide projector
Get a used one on the flee market or thrift shop.
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Relay 2 channel
Usb microphone

Software apps and online services

Windows 10 IoT Core
Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Soldering iron (generic)
Soldering iron (generic)


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Speech recognition snippet

 if (recognizer == null)


recognizer = new SpeechRecognizer();

var languages = SpeechRecognizer.SupportedGrammarLanguages;

var SysSpeech = SpeechRecognizer.SystemSpeechLanguage;


string[] possibleAnswers = { "Light on", "Light off", "on", "off", "light", "dark", "bright", "next", "previous", "forward", "back", "slideshow", "stop" };

var listConstraint = new SpeechRecognitionListConstraint(possibleAnswers, "Answer");


listenText.Text = recognizer.CurrentLanguage.DisplayName;

await recognizer.CompileConstraintsAsync();

recognizer.ContinuousRecognitionSession.Completed += ContinuousRecognitionSession_Completed;

recognizer.ContinuousRecognitionSession.ResultGenerated += ContinuousRecognitionSession_ResultGenerated;

await recognizer.ContinuousRecognitionSession.StartAsync();

GPIO/relays controlling:

private async void ContinuousRecognitionSession_ResultGenerated(SpeechContinuousRecognitionSession sender, SpeechContinuousRecognitionResultGeneratedEventArgs args)
            SpeechRecognitionResult tmpRes = args.Result;
            if (tmpRes != null && tmpRes.Status.Equals(SpeechRecognitionResultStatus.Success))
// some less relevant code removed
                  listenText.Text = tmpRes.Text;
                  if (!slideshow)
                      if (listenText.Text.Equals("Light on") || listenText.Text.Equals("on") || listenText.Text.Equals("light") || listenText.Text.Equals("bright"))
                          lightPinValue = GpioPinValue.Low;
                          LED.Fill = redBrush;
                          lightOn = true;

Complete UWP Project code

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