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Blynk + JavaScript in 20 minutes
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Learn how to use Blynk with Node.js on a variety of platforms.

VoCore AirPlay Server
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Full instructions

Using a VoCore to create the world's smallest AirPlay server.

VoCore as smart sensor
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Full instructions

A simple intrusion detection system based on VoCore

NES Emulator
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I took an SDL NES emu, hacked and broke it until I could get it on my LCD.

NES Emulator

by Pyrofer on vonger.cn

Wifi Toycar
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Work in progress

I made this to test GPIOs of VoCore :) will add a USB camera to it. OpenWrt already have UVC driver, so that will not hard.

Nokia display on VoCore
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Full instructions

5110 nokia display connected to a VoCore

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