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Drone Race Practice Companion

Use a Walabot sensor, Amazon Alexa, and Raspberry Pi to keep track of your stats while practicing for your next drone race!

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Things used in this project


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Custom parts and enclosures

RPI3 touchscreen case top

Walabot Creator Top & Bottom Plates

Walabot Creator Top & Bottom Plates. Designed in Designspark Mechanical, includes the .rsdoc, .dxf and .svg. Intended for laser cutting.

Raspberry PI 3 Touchscreen Case

I 3d printed this with flexible filament; makes fitting it all together a little easier. Designed in Designspark Mechanical, this includes the .rsdoc design files and .stl printing files. If they import small scale by 25.4 to convert from inches to mm.

RPI3 touchscreen case bottom


Drone Race Practice Companion Connection Diagram

Connection is pretty simple! Plug a USB A to Micro B cable between the Raspberry Pi and Walabot Creator. Use the larger USB plug and configure the jumper for power over USB. Use an external 5V power supply to power the Raspberry Pi and connect external speakers to hear to start, stop and lap tones!


Lambda function

When making your own version of Drone Race Practice Companion, upload the entire contents of this zip file to your lambda function. Se the language to Python 2.7. You will need to add your own keys in the cert folder. Add cert.crt, priv.key, and pub.key in the cert folder. These allow you to communicate with your IoT thing.
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Raspberry Pi Code

When making your own Drone Race Practice Companion use the contents of this folder on your raspberry pi. From the open a terminal in the RPi folder and type "python DRCP_w_Walabot.py" to start your drone race practice companion! If you are making your own version of the skill then you will need to create an AWS IoT thing and copy is cert.crt, priv.key and pub.key into the cert folder. If would like to use my public skill you can use the keys I provide in the keys uploaded to this project
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These are the keys used to talk to the IoT thing that I created for Drone Race Practice Companion. Feel free to use them for testing, but if multiple people are using them simultaneously we may run into authentication issues.
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Alexa Skill Utterances

Plain text
These are the sample utterances used by the Drone Race Practice Companion Alexa Skill
I just want to practice
fun fly
free fly
free practice
start a free practice

how fast did I fly
what is my best time
what is my best lap time

what is the lap count
what is my lap count
tell me my lap count
how many laps
how many laps have I flown

I dont know
what can I say

Reset best lap time
reset best time

start over
set laps to zero
reset lap counter

race results
practice results
free practice results
how did I do
what are my time attack results
time attack results
hows my flying
how is my flying

Im finished
end practice
end race
end session
Im done flying

Drone race
time attack
start a time attack


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