Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Hexiwear docking bd
NXP Hexiwear
Software apps and online services:
MBED cloud based development environment

Custom parts and enclosures

Hexiwear holder for weight training barbell
simple enclosure 2 v3.2e28a2af-4dab-433c-b543-105d670065f9.f3d.f3z


Hexiwear MainBoard
I am not changing the Hexiwear hardware, this satisfies the project requirement for some type of schematic


REP HexiwearC/C++
An MBED archive for the Hexiwear platform to make a REP Hexiwear device.
No preview (download only).
OLED version of REP Hexiwear.C/C++
image.c image.h and main.cpp for the project, you import the accelerometer and SSD1351 libraries to make a complete project
No preview (download only).


20130301 103720 1
Tom Minnich

Embedded software guy for a long time



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