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A LCD serial terminal with Teensy
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Full instructions

This project uses a serial 40x4 LCD display with a Teensy board to realize a compact serial terminal receiver to be connected to many system

JuicyBoard: Modular Robotics Platform
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Open source hardware that makes it flexible to build 3D printers, CNC, routers and more.

Life Saver
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Work in progress

Detect road accident, raise SOS, share location, share & monitor vital health stats during accident using Pebble. #SaveLife

Life Saver

Team Enigma

Wooden sensor box w/ two rotary disks
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A wooden sensor box for controlling musical parameters in Pure Data. It has different sensors of which two are hard disk rotary encoders.

Pebble controlled DIY SmartGarage with the Sparkcore
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Build it yourself and control your garage door with the Pebble Smartwatch and the Sparkcore

Smartwatch car remote
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Full instructions

Controlling a car using a Pebble watch, an Android phone and an Arduino

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