Things used in this project

Custom parts and enclosures

TimeDock SleepEasy CAD .step
This CAD file is sliced into pieces that can be printed on a 6x6x6in 3D printer. Recommend printing in PLA.
TimeDock SleepEasy CAD .stl
.stl file for 3D printing. May need to be sliced into smaller sections.


TimeDock SleepEasy.
Pebble watch and Arduino code. The Pebble Time watch asks the Arduino to say things (play WAV files) when events happen on the watch. We used it for when the watch docks and undocks with TimeDock. The Arduino asks the watch for the time, and then speaks the time when triggered.


2015 03 16 08.28.53
Jeremy Wolfe

Hacker and computer programmer in Boulder, CO

Thanks to Engineerable.


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