Suzanne Sinatra

Vaginal dryness be gone!

Private Packs instantly calms and comforts vaginal dryness from menopause.

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Things used in this project

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Reusable Hot Therapy Pack
Sodium Acetate and Water Reusable Therapy Pack
Reusable Cold Therapy Pack
CMC and Water Reusable Therapy Pack
Reuseable Protective Sleeves
Fabric sleeve cover that is an absorbent sleeve and barrier between the user's vaginal opening and the therapy pack.


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Custom parts and enclosures

CAD Drawing of Private Packs

Drawing and dimensions of hero product.


Suzanne Sinatra

Suzanne Sinatra

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Suzanne is the CEO of Private Packs. Private Packs has reimagined the therapy pack for the intimate areas to provide discrete comfort.