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nanoFramework - 16 Motor Demo

This is a demonstration how a Netduino 3 board, four Adafruit Motor Shields, and nanoFramework can control 16 fischertechnik motors at once.

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nanoFramework - 16 Motor Demo

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Wilderness Labs (Netduino) Netduino3
Adafruit Motor Shield V2.3
fischertechnik motor

Software apps and online services

nanoFramework Visual Studio extension
nanoFramework Visual Studio extension


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This is my framework for abstracting any I/O operations to objects implementing simple interfaces. The actual program code can then accept any implementation of a needed interface. For example, you need a stop switch as an object implementing IBooleanInput. Easy - just use a button connected to an I/O pin. But you can change the physical implementation to a light barrier giving an analog value, converting this using a Schmitt Trigger component to a boolean value, and pass this to the very same program code. Also, you may pass mock objects to unit-test your program before having any hardware at all.


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