Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Parallax RFDI Read/Write Module
This module can be replaced with any serial RFID Module. but the code and functionality will be written with this module in mind and used in the demo.
22 Ohm Resistor
For the button and Textile Resistors
Servo (generic)
Used as the food agitator
Stepper Motor (generic)
Used to control the door's position. Must be Bipolar and have four leads.
Textile Resistor (Flex)
SparkFun EasyDriver - Stepper Motor Driver
used to control the stepper motor
Keyboard / Mouse : USB
Textile Resistor (Pad : for weighing)
Push Button
Power Plug
Plastic Panels
these will be used to create the container, and panels to hold the parts. You'll want at least 3 panels and Three extra's to make a second or "Just In Case"
Software apps and online services:
Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core
Microsoft Azure
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
3D Printer (generic)
we will need to print out the Door slats and sand them down so their poles are smooth and will travel well in the Plastic panel slots.
CNC Mill
You'll need to find a service to Mill out the Side panels and other panels of the feeder to make the encloser

Custom parts and enclosures

Rough Sketch of Enclosure
This is what my Enclosure designs are being made from. this should give you enough information to make your own design.


Primary Diagram
This is the primary General Schematic for the Cat Feeder. what we have is, [from top left, to right, bottom] 1. a Textile Resistor [for weight] 2. Parallax's RFID Read/Write Module, 3. a Food Agitator(to move the food down the pipe) 4. a Stepper Motor (for Door control, Bidirectional), 5 a Power Plug for Motor Power. 6 A push button, for on demand feeding and program bypass. 7 a flexable textile resistor (to manage where the door is)
Cat%20feeder%20diagram bb
Primary Schematic
Cat%20feeder%20diagram%20stepper%20integrated%20electronics schem
RFID Read/Write Datasheet
the spec sheet for the RFID Module. i'm putting this here becuase its important to understand the module.


Skyhoshi's Public Github Repository : Cat Feeder
My Repository for the code i'm generating.


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Marcus Kern
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Thanks to Microsoft : Sample Dev Team and Nathan Davis.


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