Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo
Software apps and online services:
Dp image kit 02
Amazon Alexa Alexa Skills Kit
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Amazon Web Services AWS Lambda


How the skill works
Alexa diagram d5zfptlsid


AWS Lambda codeJavaScript
Server end code to generate Alexa response
'use strict';
var Alexa = require('alexa-sdk');

var APP_ID = "ID here";
var SKILL_NAME = "ironrich";

 * Array containing iron rich foods.
var lines = [
"Clams, canned, drained Kellogg's",
"Special K cereal Grape Nuts",
"Cream of Wheat (instant)",
"Raw oysters",
"Carnation Instant Breakfast",
"Pizza w/meat, vegetables, thick crust Lentils",
"Potato, baked",
"Beef steak, lean",
"Kidney beans",
"Spaghetti w/tomato sauce Oatbran muffin",
"Turkey, dark meat, cooked Hummus",
"Pumpkin, canned",
"Eggs, scrambled Mushrooms, cooked",
"Tofu, raw, firm",
"French toast",
"Whole wheat bread",
"Green peas",
"Figs, dried"

exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) {
    var alexa = Alexa.handler(event, context);
    alexa.APP_ID = APP_ID;

var handlers = {
    'LaunchRequest': function () {
    'GetNewFactIntent': function () {
    'GetFact': function () {
        // Get a random  food from the   list
        var factIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * lines.length);
        var randomline = lines[factIndex];

        // Create speech output
        var speechOutput = randomline;

        this.emit(':tellWithCard', speechOutput, SKILL_NAME, randomline)
    'AMAZON.HelpIntent': function () {
        var speechOutput = "Say something like give me a food rich in iron";
        var reprompt = "Give me a food rich in iron";
        this.emit(':ask', speechOutput, reprompt);
    'AMAZON.CancelIntent': function () {
        this.emit(':tell', 'Goodbye!');
    'AMAZON.StopIntent': function () {
        this.emit(':tell', 'Goodbye!');



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