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POWER-KI is a Divergent Programming Language (DPL), powerful and easy to learn, which allows the production of a wide range of applications. It is designed for use in professional field.

The development environment is complete with all the necessary tools for editing, testing, multi-thread debugging and deployment.

The main advantages deriving from the adoption of PWK are: speed in development, reduced maintenance costs of applications, improvement in quality, and the possibility to implement adaptive solutions in an easy way.

End-Effector and Control Logic for Robot
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  • 30

For my thesis, I have developed the control system and end-effector for a robot, easily implementable and economic.

How to Drive a Servo with EMG Signals
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In this project we'll show you how to drive a servo with an EMG acquisition system.

Win IoT Detector
  • 2,251
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With this APP you can easily find the Win 10 IoT Boards on your network and then open their web page, open c$ folder ...

Win IoT Detector

Team PowerBerry

Acquire 0-5v analog input with Raspberry
  • 656
  • 8


How manage an ADS1115 to acquire 0-5 volt analog input with Raspberry, PowerBerry and Windows IOT

Use temperature-pressure-humidity sensor to control devices
  • 795
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Full instructions

This App for Raspberry Pi (but also MinnowBoard an DragonBoard) use BME280 sensor to control external equipments through digital output.

The Factory at Exhibition - 4.0 and beyond - [Part 1]
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Work in progress

Control and Supervision of a true 4.0 Working Factory that will be visible in a public Exhibition using Raspberry Pi, PowerBerry, Win10Iot

Easy management of Windows 10 IoT Boards and APPs
  • 701
  • 6


PowerBerry Manager (PBM) allows the remote management of IOT boards: App upload/start/stop, network setup, firewall, startup items.

And now, how to generate a 0-5v analog output with Raspberry
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To complete the previous ADC article, now how use MCP4725 to generate an analog output.

Synchronize your Raspberry with Real Time Clock
  • 921
  • 2


I fixed the lack of a retentive clock in Raspberry PI with an RTC (DS3231 I2C real time clock) and POWER-KI, under Windows IOT.

Like a Bat with HC SR04
  • 311
  • 1


How to use HC SR04 to measure distance (with noise filter).

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