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POWER-KI is a Divergent Programming Language (DPL), powerful and easy to learn, which allows the production of a wide range of applications. It is designed for use in professional field.

The development environment is complete with all the necessary tools for editing, testing, multi-thread debugging and deployment.

The main advantages deriving from the adoption of PWK are: speed in development, reduced maintenance costs of applications, improvement in quality, and the possibility to implement adaptive solutions in an easy way.

End-Effector and Control Logic for Robot
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For my thesis, I have developed the control system and end-effector for a robot, easily implementable and economic.

The Factory at Exhibition - 4.0 and beyond - [Part 1]
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Work in progress

Control and Supervision of a true 4.0 Working Factory that will be visible in a public Exhibition using Raspberry Pi, PowerBerry, Win10Iot

How to Drive a Servo with EMG Signals
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In this project we'll show you how to drive a servo with an EMG acquisition system.

Acquire 0-5v analog input with Raspberry
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How manage an ADS1115 to acquire 0-5 volt analog input with Raspberry, PowerBerry and Windows IOT

Win IoT Detector
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With this APP you can easily find the Win 10 IoT Boards on your network and then open their web page, open c$ folder ...

Win IoT Detector

Team PowerBerry

Use temperature-pressure-humidity sensor to control devices
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Full instructions

This App for Raspberry Pi (but also MinnowBoard an DragonBoard) use BME280 sensor to control external equipments through digital output.

Easy management of Windows 10 IoT Boards and APPs
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PowerBerry Manager (PBM) allows the remote management of IOT boards: App upload/start/stop, network setup, firewall, startup items.

And now, how to generate a 0-5v analog output with Raspberry
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To complete the previous ADC article, now how use MCP4725 to generate an analog output.

Synchronize your Raspberry with Real Time Clock
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I fixed the lack of a retentive clock in Raspberry PI with an RTC (DS3231 I2C real time clock) and POWER-KI, under Windows IOT.

Like a Bat with HC SR04
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How to use HC SR04 to measure distance (with noise filter).

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