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POWER-KI is a Divergent Programming Language (DPL), powerful and easy to learn, which allows the production of a wide range of applications. It is designed for use in professional field.

The development environment is complete with all the necessary tools for editing, testing, multi-thread debugging and deployment.

The main advantages deriving from the adoption of PWK are: speed in development, reduced maintenance costs of applications, improvement in quality, and the possibility to implement adaptive solutions in an easy way.

PowerBerry® is the porting of the POWER-KI® programming language for Windows 10 IOT Core OS, with the aim to provide developers with a powerful programming environment.

Installing and running PWB is matter of minutes.

The StartUpPackage (SUP) contains the software to immediately see your board (Raspberry, MinnowBoard, DragonBoard) run. You can test GPIO signals and see them acting on a web page or in the native (local) cloud interface.

PWB gives full POWER-KI functionality with few limitations.

It is free.

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