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ESP32-CX Riser Board

A stamp-sized board for ESP32-C2/C3(ESP8684)/C6 MINI module turning it into a horizontal or vertical module with optional USB and JTAG ports

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ESP32-CX Riser Board

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Espressif ESP32-C3-MINI-H1
This is also known as an ESP32-C2, but it's also compatible with ESP32-C3 whenever they are available (double the flash, WPA3)
ESP32-CX-Riser V1.1 Board

Software apps and online services

ESP Home
You can of course run your own code, or use Tasmota too!

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Solder Reflow Plate
DIY Github project page as shown by GreatScott!


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Github Repo


Github Repo


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