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PHERRY Tracker - Never be late again

The PHERRY shows the location, schedule and fun "Did you know?" facts about SEA-BI ferry onto a GUI using Qt, C++ and Python3.

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Things used in this project

Hardware components

Board will come with Ethernet cable, serial to USB cable and 12V power supply. All of those will be needed. Here is a QuickStart guide:
PHYTEC Display
We used the 7" Touchscreen display ( KPEB-AV-02-070).
PHYTEC 16 GB Micro SD Card
This should come with the phyBOARD-Segin
SD card reader
LED (generic)
LED (generic)
Single core wires
Optional, wires should be about 5" long
Small breadboard
Optional, board should be cut in half in order to fit in enclosure.
390 Ohm Resistor
PHYTEC Wifi Module
Optional (PEB-WLBT-01-S.A0)
PLA for 3D printer
Optional. In order to match the orginal PHERRY colors, you will need green, white, and black.

Software apps and online services

This code is programmed into the BSP image. This resources is here for those not using the phyBOARD-Segin.
Virtual Linux Machine
We are using a Ubuntu machine. A virtual machine will be needed for building the SD card properly.
Qt Creator
We used the LGPL license using Qt version 15.13.1 for creating the graphics on the display.

Hand tools and fabrication machines

PRUSA 3D printer
Soldering Equipment
Optional. You will need a soldering gun, lead free solder, “clean-free” flux, and a ventilation system.


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Custom parts and enclosures

PHERRY Top Enclosure

PHERRY Wall Enclosure

PHERRY Wall Guide

Enclosure Base2

Enclosure Base

PHERRY Frame Enclosure

PHERRY Frame Left Enclosure

PHERRY Frame Middle Enclosure

PHERRY Bezel Enclosure

PHERRY Frame Right Enclosure

PHERRY Housing Enclosure


PHERRY Internal Code

Python3 and C++ code that contains scripts that run the program.


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