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The Internet Button includes a Photon, which can also be easily removed and used for other projects, a USB-micro cable and a removable plastic cover.

Quickly start playing with LEDs, multiple buttons, an accelerometer and more without any wires or soldering. On the firmware side, custom libraries are available to make programming your projects quick and beautiful. The Internet Button is not only an easy way to get started on the Internet of Things, it's also a clean and simple way to start building your own prototypes.

Additional specs:

- 11 individually controllable RGB LEDs

- ADXL362 3-axis accelerometer

- 4 tactile buttons for D-pad style interactions

- Female socket for connection to Photon

- Additional female headers for adding extra actuators and sensors

- Backward compatible with the Core

Add push notifications to your hardware
  • 21,404
  • 66


Use Pushbullet to notify you of whatever your hardware is doing

Android Phone Finder Using Particle Photon Internet Button
  • 3,717
  • 37

Full instructions

Find your misplaced phone with the push of a button even if it's on silent or vibrate with the Particle Internet Button and IFTTT.

Particle Internet Button 434 MHz Remote
  • 2,840
  • 22

Full instructions

Controlling 434 MHz remote outlets with a Particle Internet Button and beyond!

Pomodoro Timer
  • 1,061
  • 13

Particle Internet Button turned into Pomodoro Timer (any time interval!)

Particle Photon - Simon
  • 1,228
  • 21

Full instructions

Remake of the 1978 classic toy. No assembly required, using Particle's "Internet Button".

Internet Button Notifier
  • 1,164
  • 13

Get notifications on your mobile phone from your Particle Internet Button.

Particle Sun (a simulated sunrise alarm clock)
  • 577
  • 5

Super simple sunrise alarm clock built with a Particle Internet Button and a react-native mobile app.

Step-by-step guide to make a physical dashboard
  • 1,255
  • 12

Full instructions

A series of steps to display information from the web to a physical display. Perfect for artists looking to make a connected object.

Meeting Room Minder - "Wrap it Up!"
  • 200
  • 3

Full instructions

Sometimes you need a countdown timer when your meeting is scheduled to end so that everyone knows to wrap it up and get ready to leave.

Build a Super Bowl touchdown light with Spark and IFTTT
  • 736
  • 6

Full instructions

Light turns blue and green when there's a Seahawks touchdown and red and blue when there's a Patriots touchdown

Audience Distractor 3000
  • 648
  • 4

Text Crayola color names to animate a ring of lights. Put this device in front of you during a talk and audience distraction is guaranteed!

Squeaky R2D2 Notification Button
  • 361
  • 2

Full instructions

Leverage a Particle Internet Button (Photon) to do visual and audible notifications through Particle's API.

Air Quality Index Monitoring with Photon Internet Button
  • 199
  • 0

See the Air Quality Index (AQI) at a glance to determine if it is safe for you or your loved ones' environmental senses to be out.

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