Olivia Marner
Created November 15, 2016

Butterfly costume

For a great costume or just plain dressing up, this costume will be sure to make any day fun.

Butterfly costume

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Adults will need a 24x37.5 inches of cardboard while a kid will need a 20x32 inches of cardboard,
colored butcher paper, or think colored paper
Depending on the size of paper you will need more. For me my paper covered the entire wing in one peice but for smaller peices you might need more. You will need to cut it out in the shape of the wing.
yarn and or string
This is to connect the two wings together, you will need enough to tie around your body. About 5 feet at least for a tween or adult.

Hand tools and fabrication machines

exacto knife
You will need to cut out the shape of your wings with this so make sure you have cardboard or another material underneath in order to make sure the knife wont cute the surface under it


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Olivia Marner

Olivia Marner

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