Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Havahart 1025 Rat Trap
Particle Spark Core
12002 04
Breadboard (generic)
1434509556 android phone color
Android device
SparkFun Battery Holder - 4xAA Square
Container/Box (generic)
Electrical Tape (generic)
Wire (generic)
AA Batteries (generic)
Zip Ties (generic)
Heavy Duty Double-sided Sticky Tape (generic)
Long match stick/wooden kabob stick (generic)
Software apps and online services:
Particle Android App
IFTTT IF by IFTTT Android App
IFTTT Humane Rat Trap Notifier Recipe
IFTTT Spark Core Offline Recipe
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
Wire Cutters (generic)
Wire Stippers (generic)
Awl/Small Screwdriver (generic)
Scissors (generic)
Multimeter (optional)


Humane Rat Trap Notifier Circuit
An approximate circuit diagram for this project. An Arduino mini was used instead of a Spark Core. The pin locations are not correct but the pin numbers are. The electrical contact between the trap door and the spring is represented by the push button.


This app will publish an event when a contact is made on the Spark Core


Nicholas Wilde



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