SparkFun Bridges the MicroMod and Qwiic Ecosystems with New Single, Dual Qwiic MicroMod Carriers

Designed to play host to a MicroMod processor board plus one or two Qwiic modules, these carrier boards blend two ecosystems together.

SparkFun's MicroMod modular platform continues to grow with the launch of two new carrier boards, designed to mate the MicroMod system with the company's Qwiic ecosystem: a pair of MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Boards.

SparkFun's MicroMod platform launched late last year, offering a mix-and-match ecosystem of microcontroller boards built on an M.2 edge connector board and carrier boards which offer a range of different capabilities — meaning, in theory, that if a new processor is released, moving your project across is as simple as swapping the modules over.

Since launch SparkFun's been gradually expanding the number of processor and carrier boards available in the MicroMod ecosystem, but its latest offering is designed to bring compatibility with another of its offerings: the Qwiic solderless I2C system.

"The MicroMod Qwiic Carrier Board can be used to rapidly prototype with other Qwiic devices," the company explains of its latest release. "The MicroMod M.2 socket provides users the freedom to experiment with any processor board in the MicroMod ecosystem."

With mounting points provided, the boards offer a place to attach an M.2 processor module plus one or two Qwiic breakout modules, depending on model. Those who need more, meanwhile, can stack the boards to provide additional Qwiic capabilities. The boards include a USB Type-C connector, boost and reset buttons, a charge circuit, and a 3.3V 1A voltage regulator.

The carrier boards are available now on the SparkFun store priced at $9.95 for the single model and $11.95 for the double model, both before volume discounts. The company has also released a hookup guide to help users get started.

Gareth Halfacree
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