SparkFun Adds a Nordic nRF52840 Processor, Weather Carrier Board to the MicroMod Ecosystem

$14.95 processor module brings another highly-connected option to the mix, while the carrier board includes built-in environmental sensors.

SparkFun has launched two new entries into the MicroMod ecosystem: a Nordic nRF52840 processor and a carrier board designed for use inside a weather station and boasting three on-board sensors.

Launched late last year, SparkFun's MicroMod platform is designed to take popular embedded devices and make them plug-and-play modular — enabling various microcontrollers to be plugged into various carrier boards according to the requirements of a particular project. At launch, the company confirmed three processor boards: One based on the Arm Cortex-M4F Artemis module, one based on the Espressif ESP32, and one based on the Microchip SAM D51.

Now, there's a new entry in the range: A processor module based on the Nordic nRF52840. "The SparkFun MicroMod nRF52840 Processor offers a powerful combination of Arm Cortex-M4 CPU and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth transceiver in the MicroMod form-factor," the company explains, "with the M.2 MicroMod connector to allow you to plug in a compatible MicroMod Carrier Board with any number of peripherals.

"The Bluetooth transceiver included on the nRF52840 boasts a BT 5.1 stack and supports Bluetooth 5, Bluetooth mesh, IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee & Thread) and 2.4Ghz RF wireless protocols (including Nordic's proprietary RF protocol) allowing you to pick which option works best for your application."

At the same time the company has unveiled a new carrier board designed to accept any of the processors in the MicroMod range: The SparkFun MicroMod Weather Carrier Board. "The MicroMod Weather Carrier Board is a periphery for the MicroMod ecosystem that allows you to create your own weather station with one of a multitude of processors," the company writes. "The carrier board includes three sensors: the BME280 temperature, pressure and humidity sensor, the VEML6075 UV sensor and the AS3935 Lightning detector.

"Along with these on-board sensors there is a 3-pin latch terminal to add an external soil moisture sensor as well as a pair RJ11 jacks to plug in the wind and rain sensors included with our Weather Meter Kit. To top it all off there is a microSD card slot so you can plug in an SD card to log all of that glorious weather data using the MicroMod processor of your choosing!"

The MicroMod nRF52840 Processor is now available at $14.95 before volume discounts, and the Weather Carrier Board at $44.95; the company has published hookup guides for both the processor and the carrier board to help buyers get started with a minimum of fuss.

Gareth Halfacree
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