QuickLogic Launches QuickFeather-Based Reference Design for Alexa Close Talk Hearables, Wearables

Pre-certified for Amazon's Alexa Close Talk standard, QuickLogic's reference design builds on existing modules.

QuickLogic has announced the launch of a reference design development kit for wearables and hearables using the Alexa Voice Service platform and boasting pre-certified Close Talk support, building on its existing open source QuickFeather development board and powered by its EOS S3 Voice Processor.

"This reference design can be used by manufacturers to evaluate the 'Alexa User Experience' and build Proofs-of-Concept," the company writes of its QuickFeather Alexa Close-Talk Reference Design bundle. "This is the first available always-listening, Close-Talk qualified smart hearable reference design based on QuickLogic's ultra-low power Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller. This reference design can be used by manufacturers to evaluate the 'Alexa' Built-In Close-Talk experience, optimized for battery-powered products."

The kit is based on QuickLogic's Open Reconfigurable Computing (QORC) platform, powered by the EOS S3 Voice Processor with Arm Cortex-M4F processor running at up to 80MHz, μDSP-like Flexible Fusion Engine (FFE), floating-point accelerator, and on-chip programmable logic via an embedded FPGA (eFPGA). The part includes low-power sound detection from Sensory and noise suppression and beam-forming from DSP Concepts, and comes pre-certified for Amazon's Close Talk standard for hearables and wearables.

More information on the modular reference design is available on the QuickLogic website, where orders are being taken at $149.

Gareth Halfacree
Freelance journalist, technical author, hacker, tinkerer, erstwhile sysadmin. For hire: freelance@halfacree.co.uk.
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