OmniChip Developers Kit, a Chiplet-Based Multifunction SoC, Now Available Through Hackster Launch

With an nRF52832 MCU plus sensors ranging from accelerometers to heart rate, the OmniChip certainly lives up to its name.

The OmniChip Developers Kit, a ready-to-run development board featuring zGlue's chiplet-based multifunction system-on-chip (SoC), is now available through GroupGets as a day-one device for the Hackster Launch crowdfunding platform.

Hackster Launch aims to restore confidence in crowdfunding for hardware projects, providing a service in partnership with GroupGets that ensures only vetted designs can be offered — aiming to not only eliminate the rare but unfortunate outright scams that plague some platforms but also assisting campaign creators with ensuring that they can deliver on their promises.

zGlue's OmniChip Developers Kit is one of the first boards to take advantage the Hackster Launch service, bringing the OmniChip SoC to a form factor suitable for immediate experimentation. Built using the company's ChipBuilder platform, the OmniChip SoC is based on 'chiplet' technology — a series of application-specific dies tied together using zGlue's Smart Fabric interconnect.

While the key to ChipBuilder lies in being able to customize the chiplets involved, the OmniChip offers a ready-designed implementation for both experimentation and deployment in low-power IoT applications.

The OmniChip includes a Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 as its primary microcontroller, while also offering Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This is paired with additional chiplets offering a variety of specific functionalities: A Bosch BMM150 magnetometer; a Maxim MAX86140 heart rate monitor and pulse oximiter; a Texas Instruments BQ25120A battery charge controller; a TI TMP108 temperature sensor; an mCube MC3672 accelerometer; and a SiTime SiT1552 oscillator operating at 32kHz. All these are bundled in a package measuring 12x12x1.5mm in QFN or 9.5x6.8x1.3mm LGA formats.

The OmniChip Developers Kit is now available to order on GroupGets, priced at $59 — a $10 discount over pre-ordering direct from zGlue. Other Hackster Launch campaigns, meanwhile, can be found on the platform homepage.

Gareth Halfacree
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